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well as we know stress makes arther worse well spine been playing up first right side then last night left side now feet swollen good job got gp app on tue feet been playing up again loosing balance in a morning as if they not flat lol what next ???????????/


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    Hi Val,

    Sorry i been awol my friend its not always easy is it?

    Oh stress... you must try to keep calm. I am lucky I really do 'see' a big red lever in my head and if I can mange to pull it down it shuts off the worry and fears.... unless its rats as they have a built in override switch :roll:

    When are you next seen Val? You know about the diary and the pics but if your appointments not near see if you can get it bough forward a bit maybe?

    I loose my balance a lot via both the neck and the spine and well flower try and rest it in a comfortable position for a bit and I so hope the swelling will subside for you.

    My lumber swells and so does the neck... they tell me its inflammation and it pushed on all sorts of peripheral nerves etc and I just have to get the weight off it all and let it settle for a bit. Sometimes that helps an might be worth trying.

    Hope you will soon feel better. Leaving a ((((( ))))) and a bucket of back fix... as ever half drunk :oops: Cris xx
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    Oh dear, swollen feet. Not nice. I always sit with mine up, either on the footstool or on a chair, with a pillow under my knees (they don't lie flat) and that does help. (I am sure you already do this, valval, sorry. :oops: ) As for your spine, well, I guess that is down to tension, yes? Life is not that certain for you at the moment, that leads to tension, which leads to a rather rigid body, which in turn leads to aches and pains. Again, not nice. :( No remedies my lovely, just these. ((())) DD
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    thanks cris and dd the hugs helped think it is the stress coming out has to go some where lol feet not happy still throbbing and aching not going to even give back a thought or might throw a wobbly val
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    Thinking of you Val.

    Love and ((()))s