Here I go again.......

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well Ive had news from the rheuimy nurse NICE have approved me for my 5th biologic. The poison of choice this time is Tocillizumab.

I suppose its good news but I have to say Im not looking forward to feeling ill again which I have no doubt I will as the other 4 made me feel awful and I kept getting infections and apparently upper respiratory infedctions are common with this drug ( my bodys favourite infections). I was going to refuse but my finger joints are twisting so I think after a year break I need to consider this option as the methotrexate is not holding the RA off enough.

Its also unlikely I will be offered another after this one... :? so fingers crossed everyone that this is the one that works..

My rheumy nurse will contact me after her annaul leave to organise somethi,e after 8th MArch.

Sorry Im not around much at the minute Im in alot of pain and very tired all the time. My GP increased my Amitryptelene to 50mg per night but Im taking 35 as it is too much and the nightmares were horrendous . Im tolerating 35 but atill really drowsy hopefully it will setlle in time.
Sending much ((()))) to everyone I am thinking of you all

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Theresa xxx


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    hi hun. I really hope this one does the trick without too much nastiness..
    I'm really sorry that things are so bad..

    The very best of luck mi dear :wink:
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    Cyber fingers crossed for you.Mig
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    I know of someone for whom tocilizumab is working pretty well so I hope it will be the same for you. You are absolutely right not to get your hopes up too high, expect nothing and you won't be disapppointed. Take care, look after yourself and keep us in the loop, yes? DD
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    Good luck Theresa. Hope this one helps.

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    Thankyou Elizabeth, Mig, DD and Tony for your replies and thoughts, yes DD that optimistic boat has sailed I do hope it will work but Im not holding out. Every biologic Ive tried has worked fro someone else and I get so upset and frustrated that it isnt working for me and a bit bitter to be honest so Im not getting my hopes up. I will just wait and see.

    Having a bad day today my toes are in agony and stiff I can barely put any weight through my feet and my hands are bent stiff and painful too.
    Woo hoo the joys just to remind me why Im trying another bio I suppose

    Love to all

    There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those. --Michael Nolan

    Theresa xxx