I have a sports injury!

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Hi everyone,

I apologise for not visiting and posting on here as often as I used to, I do try and check in once every few weeks.

I think I'm starting this thread because I need the support of folks who will understand. I apologise it is not really about arther.

Once I had done extensive rehab after my last hip operation, I experienced the best mobility I had had in years. Gone was the deep bone pain and I was left with just a bit of aching when I over did it. Ok, so compared with friends my age - I was still not great, but for me, things were amazing. I enjoyed this for a year ...

Then January 8th (ingrained in my mind) I was out walking with S. I'd followed him as he had explored up a little bank in the woods, it was a dead end, so I suggested returning to the path. Normally I would sit to get down, but it was so low, so I held S's hand and jump/stepped down - fell and twisted my leg. S pulled me up but the pain in my knee was excruitating. I felt in my pocket, no phone and no one knew where we were. Using a broken branch and leaning on S, I somehow got back to the car and somehow drove home. S was brilliant until we got home and I had to use my crutches and then he panicked (probably recalling all the time I was on them and my op etc.) He was too distressed for me to go to A&E with him and too anxious for me to leave him with anyone. So just RICE'd.

The next day my leg knee and thigh were enormous, the pain no better, moving without crutches impossible. So I took a taxi and went to A&E. I had an x -ray (no apparent fracture) but they couldn't work out what was wrong due to the swelling and was asked to return in a week. After lots of visits to the review clinic, the swelling was still not going down and it was not improving, so they arranged for an MRI.

I have ruptured my ACL (ligament that attaches femur to tibia and stops femur sliding over tibia when the knee is bent ) and I learnt today I also have an osteochondral fracture. When I saw the consultant I baulked at surgery and opted for physio. Though after researching and thinking hard, I'm not at all sure I have made the right choice. I was shocked at the time and thinking how on earth would I cope with S etc and the long rehab after an ACL graft op. However, the ACL doesn't repair itself, the fracture is complete and this it what is causing a lot of the pain as it is impinging on other ligaments. Physio can help stabilise the knee to some degree by strengthening the other muscles etc but will not return my knee to how it was before. My left THR is 15 years old, and will be a major op when it is revised in the future as this was the one with complications and I will need my right leg to be at it's optimum, especially if I have to be none weightbearing like last time.

I started physio this week, but think I should maybe see my GP and fight to get my name on the waiting list for reconstructive surgery. (It will be a fight as they give priority to sports men and women.)



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    that's awful speedy :shock:
    I really hope that they can get you on that list. Sounds like something that needs sooner rather than later...
    Can you be put on a cancellation list or something?

    The very best of wishes.......
    Of course pocket duties are a done deal when the time comes.
    Take it easy... Good to see you posting :D sorry that you're having to though.
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    A former workmate, Paramedic working frontline and also trained in decon and Hart was given no priority.

    I suspect that most people the op thinks.get priority may use private means to get surgery sooner, this may still mean the surgery is performed in an NHS Hospital.

    My mum still refers to BUPA as NHS que jump Insurance!

    My referral for knee surgery several years ago requested high priority due me being frontline Ambulance crew, again made no difference.

    I would advice surgery, physio will be next to useless, as the root of the problem is not being addressed.
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    Oh my poor Speedy, I am so sorry to read this. What a major setback for you and yes, this will indeed take a deal of time to sort. I think surgery has to be the answer - I know how badly this will impinge on the care and time you need to devote to S but it has to be done. Ligaments and tendons don't sort themselves out when you have that sort of damage done and methinks physio won't be enough. I hope they will look kindly on your situation viz everything else to do with your arthritic history, and get you done as soon as possible. Now, having established that a sort of reverse high-jump doesn't work please don't try long jump! :) DD
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    hi Speedy,
    Great to see you but not under these circumstances. It is a real dilemma for you as you cannot help but put S first but I think you have already decided what the best action to be taken for the longer term.
    I do hope your GP will push for a quick appointment for you. I have everything crossed for you Speedy.
    Lots of hugs,
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    Thank you, for your replies and support.

    Tony - if I wasn't caring for S, I'd definitely consider a cancellation. However as I need to cover his care, everything needs to be carefully planned. It is keyhole surgery and depending where you are on the list - you tend to be able to go home same day or next day. But if I'll have a general, so will need someone to be responsible for S. .

    Amboritic - research says, for best results the op should be done in a 12 week time frame from date of injury - took them 5-6 weeks to even work out what I'd done! The consultant is interested in sports folk and helping them to get back to their sports asap... How is your former workmate doing?

    DD, I will be sitting down to get down the lowest of low steps from now on (well I will once I'm able to get on the floor again!) I agree with you, I don't think physio will be enough ... I only jumped at the option as I was in shock and no longer see one of the fab friends who helped out with my last op.

    Thanks Ironic. I was shocked at the appointment and need the GP to state I have reconsidered and do not think physio will be sufficient. The waiting list is bound to be long, so might as well go on it now than wait until I've completed X amount of weeks of physio.

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    Would they not give you priority as a carer to S?

    I'm holding out on ops too because of the care for Dan. Also Lucy has slipped back into her bowel probs so I would not recover well after an op with the constant caring.

    It is a difficult decision.

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    Hi Elizabeth,
    seems the main criteria is whether or not my knee is preventing me from playing/competing in sport! Following on from that is if I was in a very physical job e.g. a construction worker etc

    My argument would be re my job which is active, my caring role and needing a stable knee for future op on left hip. Also what is the point of having state of the art hips if I can't use them properly because of the knee. (They were more worried about my hips following my accident than my knee!! Uh, hello - they are metal! My knee is all me!!!)

    Caring for S has been MUCH easier since I had and recovered from my hip op. Post op was tricky - but so were the years leading up to op. The most difficult bit would be finding someone to have S on the day of my op and support for a few days post op.

    If you can see anyway round your caring duties, Elizabeth - go for the op. In the long run it will make your caring so much easier. Really it is only the hospitalisation period and for a fortnight post op that it is most difficult, as we really do need to rest then. After that its manageable as we are pros at carrying out daily living with severe mobility issues already and used to struggling and being inventive.

    I'm sorry your daughter has slipped back with her constipation issues again, S has blips, but thankfully they never last too long.

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    Hi Speedy it good to have you back apart from the circumstances that is, that is awful especially after you where doing so well.
    You must keep on at them, and hopefully get a cancellation,sorry Im not being much help, but I really do wish you well with it all.
    And when the time come we will be behind you all the way xx
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    Thank you for the support Barbara.

    I noticed you posted and said that you hadn't had your hip done and now your back was joining in. Does that mean you have ruled out having your hip done? I was having pain with my back and knee before my hip was done and once I'd finished rehab, (until I wrecked my knee) both my back and knee felt better as a result of a decent hip ... just food for thought.

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    Hi Speedy

    l read your tale with interest (partly because it IS you! like Barbara l am so pleased to see you back!), and honestly l am shocked at your injury.

    Poor poor you :( l haven't forgotten your hip or your lad S and the extra organisation needed when you are not 100%

    l am not impressed though that surgery is given to sports persons over someone who has genuine need, pain and extra issues to contend with :x


    l will cross everything at my disposal that the physio is enough, but fear it may not be :( so in your shoes l would be preparing for a campaign.

    Do let us know how things go Speedy. Have missed you


    Toni xx
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    Thanks Toni.
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    Have sent you a pm Speedy..

    marion x
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    I have PM'd you back, Marion.