Clicking chest?

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Hi i am just wondering if anyone else suffers with this, i have not seen any other posts about it.
Basically every now and then usually when i have been sitting down for a while i get a uncomfortable pain on my sternum (center of my chest)the only way i get rid of this is to do a sort of push up against the wall until i hear a really loud click and the pain is releaved..
Anyone experienced this?



  • valval
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    hi do you get swelling in joints in sternum i do and when inflimation on way down and muscles stop going into spasams then get crunching and grating as things settle back down ask doc or rhummy it is best to get good advice in cases such as this val
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    l have had a sore sternum on and off for a few years now. I used to be abel to click mine, but it wasn't one big one more a few wee clicks :?


    Toni xxx

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