Osteoporosis treatment

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Hi everyone - I am new to the forum and find the information given very useful.
Just wondering if anyone is on, or knows anything about, a daily injection called, I think, terparatide for osteoporosis. I may be offered this medication - I would like to know the side effects etc. and is the daily injection 'unpleasant'?


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    Hi April Not much help i'm affraid i just wanted to say welcome to AC forum someone will be along shortly who no doubt will be able to give you some info. Take care
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    Welcome to the forum.
    I know nothing about this injection ....sorry. I've got osteo arthritis and osteopinia......not OP.
    No doubt t someone will see your post and be able to tell you

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    Hi hileena111

    You will get some answere on the osteoporosis society here is the link for your

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    Hi Aprilann

    a fair few on here suffer with osteoporosis and l know a few are on various things for it so hopefully someone will be along soon to help....mind it is a weekend :? and it is a nice day :wink:


    Toni xxx
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    Hello Aprilann

    I see the "National Osteoporosis Society" has already been mentioned as a good source of information - they also have a helpine and when I spoke to them for information about my situation re osteoporosis they were brilliant and seemed to have all the relevant information readily to hand. They were also able to anwer all my questions. I don't know anything about the drug you mention but what I do know is that my friend's mum, who was bedbound with severe osteoporosis recently started a new, injected drug (not sure what it was called) and for her the results have been brilliant. She is now much more mobile and it is really helping her.

    Really hope that, if you try this drug, you will find it helps you.

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    Hi Aprilann
    i have oa and osteoporosis i've only had osteo this year and i take a tablet once a week.
    the injection would be good if like me you have a problem swollowing tabs.
    good luck and welcome to this lovely forum.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Thank you for all your replies and the link for the Osteoporosis Society website.

    Dachshund - I too have swallowing problems and have to break up quite a few tablets - I've had a pharngneal web in the past and I suffer from sjogrens syndrome.