flaring, it was all going so well i thought

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been on sulfa for 2 months, i was fine, no pain, swelling had gone down, stiffness mostly gone. and now randomly i'm in pain. hands are really stiff, they hurt so much and hot, my wrists hurt, my knee is burning, my ankles are stiff. i am absolutely terrified :(
im terrified that im 24, and im wondering what im going to be like in my thirties when im still young, and then what the hell am i going to be if i reach my 60s. im so scared that im going to end up not living my life but just being here. im so depressed about it all. feels like nothing ever goes right, and if it does its not for long.


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    Oh Louise!

    l am so sorry. Just when things were improving too :(

    This may just be a short-lived flare and may settle down or it may be that the sulfa is not the medication to control your disease.

    In the first instance l am sure you are, but are you taking your anti-inflams?? They might be enough with painkillers to get you through the flare.

    BUT if you are in too much pain you will have to phone your rheumatology helpline for advice l think :?

    Try not to feel too down if you can....there are lots of medications they can try and there has to be one which will help you....maybe something can be added to the sulfa?

    Now you look after you....rest as much as you can and try to do something you enjoy...a DVD maybe??

    So sorry l can't be more help.


    Toni xx
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    Hi Louise
    I have had RA since i was a toddler, and i'm still here....just think, medication has changed so much and is getting better all the time. I have been on a huge range of meds, been on sulph years ago. Your dr will review you and if meds not working they will adjust them, esp as you younge. I am currently on methotrexate and etanercept, I used to work full time until I had a baby now I work part time. You can still do what ever you want, you are just going through a bad phase which will end. I have my own issues that battling with at the moment so not all rosy.
    Hope you feel better soon.
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    hi just over the 8 weeks and yes i have gone into a flare as well partly as i was feeling much better i started doing more and partly stress so be kind to your self it only a set back not the end of the war they do say it takes 3 months to get in your system so hang in there get in touch with rhummy if things still bad but try not to get to down it will improve there are loads of meds out there so they will have something to help take care ((())) val
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    Hello Louise, sorry to hear you not so good. I wrote to you at 6am this morning but lost it the computer so here I am again. I thought about you most of the day I hate to hear of you young people suffering when you should be out enjoying yourself. Tell me are you married Kids or what, Is it RA you have. So your in a fair bit of pain at the moment. Its a bugger at times and it tends to creep on you when you least expect it. It doesn’t really matter what meds you take they all take time to work on you, Rheumy always says about 12 weeks. I tried Sulfa years ago it never worked for me but it does for some. You have to try not to worry so much I know its hard but try finding things that occupy your mind try not to sit and dwell on yourself or the future stress makes it worse. I was like you 40 years ago thinking about my future but I’m still here. Yes I sufferd a bit on the way here but thers nothing I can do about that. I have some bad times with the pain but I have had great times through the years, You either let it stop you doing things or you just do them anyway whatever you choose you still have the pain.
    Everybody has a life but not everybody lives their life. I know its scary my love I was so scared to but eventually they found me a medication that works. You will live your life and your attitude towards your illness will change. You are on a long road just take your time and you’ll get there.I was out drinking and partying last weekend and three years ago thought I would never leave the house. Another thing is you have been diagnosed early and that makes a difference Arthritis is terrifying but there nothing we can do about it but don’t let it beat you up. If you get your mind right your body will follow. At the time when your in so much pain its hard to see but you will feel better Louise. If it doesent get any better Phone the Rheumy nurse Let us all know how you get on please and keep your chin up.
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    Hi Colin,
    No i don't have children, my long term bf broke up after 5 years at the exact same time I was being diagnosed so that hit me hard aswell with the stress and heartbreak of that. Something else i worry about, will i ever meet someone who will want to be with me if i have this. I have RA.
    The burning pain in my knee is gone but it is hurting when I walk as for some reason both my thighs hurt, I have aches where I never thought I would ache, argh.
    I'm hoping SO much that the sulfa works, funnily enough I was feeling good until the day after I saw my rheummy when i told her everything was great so it feels fate has played a cruel joke on me. She said that if the sulfa doesn't help 100% by next time I see her then she may add Planquel?? if thats how you spell it.
    I just dont get why I have this, and struggling to come to terms. My grandad's sister had this, but she was in her 70's, so if i was 70 i would have thought fair enough, i'm bound to get something, but life eh. I feel that everything has been taken from me.

    I sound so miserable don't I lol
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    Hi Louise,
    I have RA as well, so I understand how you feel. You have every right to have a moan now and then. It does get to you sometimes. It can take a long time to come to terms with this beast of a disease, and I'm sure it's worse whan you're so young.
    Hopefully they will soon get you on some meds that work for you, and you'll start to feel better. In the meantime keep posting here, I'm sure it will help to let off some steam!
    Wishing you well
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    Hello Again Louise
    Its ok to feel down now and again it really does hurt i know that. I remember talking to you some time ago just after your BF left ( the Fool ) let me tell you if i was 40years younger i would be beating down your door, Ill bet your a beauty. Just bide your time and there will be que at your door. Everything comes to she who waits. If i where you you i would phone the rheumy secretary and see if she can get you back in, or at least contact the rheumy nurse, Take care and keep your chin up.