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Hi All, I'm in a real quandry and don't know what to do for the best and hope someone has some advice. I have PA worse in my hands and wrists I have been on the sick for 21/2 months after having my wrist fused though still painful I feel ready to go back to work I rang my employer and said I would be back begining of this week.I don't work in the same place everyday and on some occasions I do have to cover shops on my own( approx once a fortnight) so asked just in the short time could I be placed working with other staff as I feel the equipment ie drawers ,keyboard etc not to mention lifting heavy shutters, might be difficult only becaust the drawers for instance do notopen or shut easily I use my foot whilst sitting down to close them the keyboards are balanced on the edge of the desk no where to rest my wrists I wont know till I try, and she refused point blank. I asked about having adaptations made just to help again she said nothing could be done.
Sorry to waffle on been in touch with CAB gave me name of solicitor to contact thing is do I pursue Disability discrimination or keep quiet andjust go back I an't afford to be on the sick much longer and I need my job.
Thank you very much for reading all this I just wondered if anyone else has been in the same position.



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    Hi Lorraines
    I know if it was me I would certainly try to get help, you cannot and should not be expected to injure yourself or even make your condition worse.
    There are quite a few people on here that have had lots of things adapted at there work place, and it has been a big help to them
    Its a bit quiet on here at the min, but hopefully someone will be along very soon with more advice
    I really wish you well with it, and please let us know what you decide.
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    they do have a responsibility to make sure your work place is safe for you and they can get help making changes to help you i think talking to solicitor a good idea even if you do not do anything at least you will know where you stand good luck val
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    I would make an appointment to talk to the CAB
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply I've been in touch with Access to work very helpful and waiting for call back from solicitor Still not sure what to do don't think I can take them on as I can't risk losing my job.
    Lorraine x
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    Well done Lorraine so far l think a good could always see about getting one of those fit for work notes.

    I think your Gp can be quite prescriptive about what you can and can't do???

    Good luck :)


    Toni xx