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Lovely sunny Sunday morning so went for a walk with OH around Graveney Marshes on the Swale Estuary near us.So peaceful and atmospheric!
Walked for nearly two hours and covered about 3 and a half miles .......
all without the aid of my a stick,furthest I've walked since having a new ankle last year.Felt really chuffed........ :)
Talking to OH and mentioned methotrexate at which a couple in front of us suddenly stopped and the lady on turning round asked if I was a fellow RA sufferer.She was on MTX and Rituximab infusions and though apparently quite mobile was expecting to have to have knee replacements.We chatted for a few minutes and shook hands before parting.It was nice to meet and chat to a fellow sufferer and of course I mentioned and recommended the AC site.
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    Glad to hear your doing so well prefab it was a nice afternoon but alas i'm in no state for walking. Great to hear you met another sufferer and spread the gospel AC
    Perhaps we start the felowship of Arthritis.
    Well Done
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    that's great rkid..
    Really glad you managed that walk. Place sounds great too..
    Hopefully we will get a new member out of it too.. :D
    Really pleased for ya managing all that.. It's nice to read the positive stuff :D
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    That is good news :) I am really pleased for you prefabkid, the walk sounded lovely.

    Love Juliepf x
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    Well done sounds like you had a great outting.Mig
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    Hi Ron.
    you are doing well and the good work you did for your ankle payed off.
    that seem's a lovely place to live.
    take care.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Ron
    That is brilliant new, I remember when you first joined us, and was waiting to have your ankle operated on, you really have been an inspiration, and may you carry on enjoying those walks...a I must say it sounds like a lovely place.
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    Hi Ron

    tis a small world....maybe your lady will peek in and join us?? :wink:

    Well done you enjoying your walk. You have done so well :D


    Toni xxx