Ended up bursting into tears, new manager does not care :(

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Hi All.

I have worked in a local shop since leaving school over the weekends as my weekday job as a sailing instructor only lasted from April to October so needed a winter job.

Was fine health wise until about 3 years ago. Manager then, was very good and put in to practise a lot of things like sitting on a chair without having a fit to work note or anything else.

I now have a new manager that does not care about the fit to work note (the reason I found out is that he has lost it, so there is no record. Will make a doctors appointment this week to get new one) When I first worked with him, he did not allow me to have a chair but then he was fine with it. Now he doesnt want me on till 3 (till 3 is built for sitting now so there is leg room to put my feet up), he wants me to go on the kiosk tills which have no leg room at all! I said I am unable to go on there as there is no leg room to raise my feet, he then said, then you can stand up!!! I told him, I go away in a lot of pain (with strongest pain killers already inside me) and my feet swell, hugely.

I ended up crying :cry: and getting my mum down, to sort things. Although he hid in the office and would not come out, lol! My mum can be very scary as she is very tall and very big built with shoulder that could lift a house, lol. Well, he did not speak to my mum but he did come out eventually and said that he would speak with me. I then said to my mum to go home. He then allowed me on till 3 for this shift only!

I am going in to work (although not working) tomorrow and I am going to have a long chat with him and I am going to say I will get access to work involved. Also will explain clearly what I can and cant do. How does access to work, work? I have read they do an assessment, do I have to pay?

I just wish I was normal. My new job in the weekday has been very helpful and lovely but this new manager, ahhh!! The funny thing is, new managers mum was my learning support assistant at school, I am deaf so got one for all lessons.

I can not go off sick as I have no sick pay left until new finical year. Used this years ones up on fusion operation. :(

Sorry to drag on, just need it out my system :(


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    Big hugs to you.

    PM me if you need to talk hun as I do understand what you are going through.

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    if he is manager is there some one above him? he is not treating you properly and it needs seeing to or the firm could be in big trouble bullying is not allowed in the work place val
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    Speak to your Managers Manager!
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    Im afraid it appears many many managers dont care
    Mines now nicknamned WWS wicked witch of ......... better not say as its where I work :!:
    You would think a nurse manager would be more sympathetic due to the profession but oh no :!:
    Its all a product of the world we live in Im afraid
    It just gets me so mad better stop ranting :x
    Hope you get things sorted Are you in a union? Or do you have a HR dept but then again HR can be as much use as a chocolate teapot :!:
    I got written warning for my sickness 2yrs ago as I said dont you think Id rather be well & working than in pain & off sick :x
    Keep smiling & dont let them get you down