Rapid progression?

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Hi all, and hope this drizzle isn't affecting you too much.

I haven't been definitively diagnosed yet, but arthritis is on the cards.

I am shocked at the speed with which my joints are being affected - it started in my back (long standing) and in a matter of weeks has affected my ankles, knees, hips, one hand but other starting to hurt, elbows, mid spine, ribs and back of neck. Does it really happen this quickly? It has all started since I had a bout of feeling really ill, sleeping all day like I was coing down with the flu. I even went to GP to ask about depression.

I've woken up this morning with such a horrible gnawing pain in my hip/groin/thigh and mid spine that I want to be sick. Can anyone identify with that feeling?

I take omeprazole, diclofenac and cocodamol 30/500s. I was trying to do without the coco's but have to pop them today as I think I'll cry without them.

Anyway, any thoughts as always would be appreciated.

Take care

Aly x


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    hi sorry only just got to this had bad weekend lol but it can happen like that the flu feeling is usually the start of a flare and it not easy to cope with as you have found out some days you need the meds a lot have you got app with rhummy it a good idea to get there sooner rather than later if it one of the inflimation ones as the quicker meds started the better good luck i am sure you will get some meds that suit soon val
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    Hello purpleunicorn. I can't be much help other than to say, yes, it can come on that quickly and can resemble flu. I've done the hip/groin thing but not thigh and my back isn't too bad.

    Rest as much as you can but don't put up with it for too long. As Val says, it might be worth chasing up the rheumatology appointment.
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    Hi and thanks for replying.

    No rheummy appt so far, I did ask for one but the dr said I had to have blood tests before he would refer me as, in his words, they would laugh at him if he referred me before he'd done the basics. I know my blood tests showed something amiss, the receptionist said it was something to do with something something serum and a letter was in the post. Said letter hasn't arrived 5 days later and in the meantime I am in increasing pain.

    Walking my daughter to school this morning was agonising and it's only a 5 minute walk, my back was on fire and I had to stop for a rest. Even typing this on my phone is killing my wrists.

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    Hi Purpleunicorn, if I was you I would get back on to your GP if they've sent a letter they will have your results on file could you not have an appointment or could your GP ring you to discuss the results. It's scary when the syptoms come on so quickly but there are so many medications for you so that you don't need to suffer, just try and rest as much as possible.
    hope you get sorted asap take care xxx
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    Hugs Aly. I know how you feel I was the same before I was diagnosed.

    The pain is dreadful and like you I have it all over. My back and my leg are the worst at the moment.

    Keep in touch and PM me if you need to Aly.

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    Dear Aly

    l am so sorry you are suffering - take the co-cos for now and if you need to go back to Gp FOR those results and don't go alone. Take a burly friend with you :wink: Well alright then - anyone - so you can request further tests, they seem more helpful when you are not alone.

    Love and hugs

    Toni xx
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    Ah, see, that is another problem I have. I don't have any friends here at all to help me. Me and the kids ran away from domestic violence and have lived here for 2 years now. It's a village and very hard to infiltrate if you know what I mean? Full of 'old families' and anyone who isn't from the village finds it very hard to join the cliques.

    My family lives about 40 miles away, and anyway my mum just thinks I have a 'bit of a bad back'! And yet she saw me actually stumble in Asda when my hip gave way!

    I'm a single mum, and luckily my 2 older kids are old enough to help me at 15 and 17. I'm not feeling sorry for myself in any way...me and the kids are very happy but life IS difficult sometimes when you're ill. I do drive but don't have a car, so it's buses for me for hospital appts etc. Being a single mum has made me fiercely independent which can be a downfall sometimes, but I don't have anyone local to me who I can lean on anyway.