I don't want to boast but.....

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.....I spent most of last Monday afternoon in the arms of a tall, dark, handsome young man - a gentleman in fact because, in the month that we were together, I never got up from a chair, out of the car or up and down kerbs without him rushing to take my hand and help.

His technique as a lover was a little more basic, and I still have the bruises on my legs to prove it, but, hey, a bit of rough now and then's OK by me. He began by launching himself into my arms and pinning me against the back of the couch. He'd lie on top of me like that for a while then get off and start all over again. Gradually, he'd stay in my arms longer and longer, getting closer and closer so that, for long periods, we were just looking into each other's eyes. His are large, hazel-coloured, with lashes to die for and they come under a mop of thick dark hair. (Unlike Mr SW's bald pate.) Once, our noses touched and he laughed and pulled away. Next minute he was leaping back again but now it was face to face, cheek to cheek and he was softly touching his cheek to mine, occasionally turning to kiss me.

In addition to the bruised thighs, my wrists are still aching as they haven't ached in years just from holding onto him so tightly but I have to say it was 100% worth it and I'd do it all again tomorrow if he wasn't now over 5,000 miles away.

If he keeps this technique up he's going to make some young woman very happy once he grows up. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear when I said 'tall, dark and handsome'. My grandson is very tall for his age - two and a half.


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    You wicked wummun, lol..
    I haven't had the pleasure of grandchildren yet, I'm way too young, in the head anyways.. Lol
    I am the proud grandfather of five, they're rather hairy and like licking you :? I'm talking about my girl's cats of course.. :D:lol:
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    Oh Bless him Sticky :D

    l am embarrassed to admit l thought he was going to be a labrador.....almost as cute :wink:


    Toni xx
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    SW what you like....that is brilliant and if I were you I would start to write a novel
    Grandchildren really do bring out a different kind of love from us...hard to explain..but its priceless...and I have another one due in July...that will be three girls
    I do hope you see him again very soon.. :D
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    Love kids but cant eat a whole one
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    aw that is lovely sticky and i don't think you were boasting , just full of love and pride. He sounds gorgeous.

    love juliepf x
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    What a testament to the power of love. How utterly gorgeous. DD