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hi all any one else has developed a fear of the dentist ? i am like a child got myself in such a state .as i am due to have a extraction friday coming .wats up with me .it isnt the pain of having treatment just the whole thing doesnt help i cant lay back easy or the pain to get into the dam chair . i am just so nervous.tut tut please any one with a calming manner . to talk me throu . ,,,,, lots gentle hugs xx


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    Hi cheekygirl
    I have recently been to the dentist with my sil, like you she had a real phobia, so I phoned the dentist on her behalf...she couldn't lay flat because of her they did everything to make her comfortable, and me being with her really did take me months to get her there but she was so relieved when she had done it.
    So is there anyone that can go with you, and could you have a word with the dentist before you go
    Please let us know how you get on...
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    Hey CG

    l had to get my bro there 'under the influence' of diazepam prescribed for his phobia....could you consider that as well as Barbara's advice? GP should be able to help. Oh yes l had it for my bursitis jab too :oops:

    Love and luck

    Toni xx

    Ps available for 'pocket duties' if needed???

    ( we support each other 'in spirit' if someone is having an appointment they are worried about)
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    pocket duties i do not mind but dentist?? ouch but will be brave and will be there for you good luck val
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    oh thanku guys so much you were realy helpful .but just as i got it in my head ,,, the dam dentist rang to say my dentist has gone on sick ggrr so i have to wait again but big thanku i really appreciate all your comment s xxx
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    Hi Cheeky

    Going to the dentist isn't an easy thing hun.

    Don't really know what to say but am sending you some gentle hugs.

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    The current Mrs Tonesp (of only 44 years) is also terrified of dentists.Until two teeth fell out a couple of years ago She had not visited a dentist for 50 years (Honestly) I,on the other hand have no such fears I had a great dentist in UK and here have a lovely Peruvian girl called Claudia I think a lot of people are frightened by horror tales from the past Foot operated drills and so on. To me modern dentistry is quick painless and effective I had to have a tooth out last year (broke it on something) Didn't feel a thing To me my worst nightmare would be false teeth 'Cos I'm only 72 8) 8) 8) 8)
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    Not easy.....not a great fan myself and tend to put it off but can do it.

    My daughter on the other hand has great problems and refuses to go...we have tried it all.

    HOWEVER!.. She was referred as a nervous patient and they administered the rap* drug each time..... Don't be alarmed please.

    It allows them to do the treatment with you fully awake but you really feel un-apprehensive (if there is such a word).

    They can only ask you questions relating to your level of pain.
    Although you can answer logically at the time , after a sleep you remember nothing of the experience.
    She is fine now about going with this treatment.

    That is our experience may not be for everyone but keeps the dental health good.