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Does anyone know how do I go about getting a different consultant/surgeon as I really don't want the one I have, to operate on me again (as doc on thurs. said X might operate on me again Thanks


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    I'm not 100% certain but a few yrs ago I wanted to get a second opinion from a different consultant, my GP sorted it for me..
    Best of luck :D
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    Hi babytiger
    Im not sure what you go, but I do know that quite a few people have asked for different surgeons, I do hope some one comes along very soon with some awful when on top of everything you dont have faith in your surgeon.
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    Babytiger l quite understand how you feel.

    I know you can google consultants, but after that l think you would probably need to ask your Gp to refer you to the one you have in mind :?

    In your shoes l would make an appointment to see your GP as soon as you can to discuss. I am sure he/she will understand.


    Toni xx
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    In your situation, babytiger, I wouldn't let him anywhere near my knee again.

    I, too, suspect you need to go through your GP. I know that my own Trust has a list of consultants, under their various specialties, on their webpage.

    It might be that, if you change consultant, you will need to change hospitals.

    Why not ring your local PALS (Find the number by googling it) for advice?
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    Thanks for the replies,might give the doc a call tomorrow for appointment
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    Its not a problem just tell him or ask your GP
    they understand.
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    I totally understand how you feel about this particular surgeon going anywhere near your knee. He could not even be bothered to do much when you went back to see him the first time post op with your concerns. He has been abysmal with regards to your post op care. Grossly negligent even.

    You need to be referred via your gp to see someone else. If you have no idea who is good then hopefully your gp can help you.

    The surgeon who did both my knees at separate times is listed here :D

    I wish you all the best with this.

    Elna x
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