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Hello :)
Im 18 and have had RA for a few years. iv had my ups and downs and quite a few health problems have come with it too. i can deal with most of them but one thats really getting to me is anxiety.
for a few months now iv found that whenever i feel sick (which is quite alot because of the meds im on!) i panic. Travel sickness is a big thing for me and now i cant travel on buses anymore as i have panic attacks so am relying on my mum to get everywhere :(
a few weeks back i was prescribed an anti-sickness tablet which i had a bad reaction to and ended up in hospital on valium and diazepam to calm me down :( since then it feels as if my life has been flipped upside down. its horrible and really getting to me. whenever i feel a slight twink in my body i panic, whenever someone else is sick, see think or hear about blood, hear about illness, or even how the body works i panic, il feel very sick and get a horrible trapped feeling. (being on a health and social care course i am really struggling at college at the moment!) i just wondered if anyone has experienced anxiety from being ill and the fear of becoming more ill?
thank you :) xx


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    I'm sure in time you will adjust, I know it's not easy but there really isn't any need to panic.. It's good that you're posting on here as we are quite a knowledgeable bunch, between us we've probably experienced pretty much most of what this horrid disease can do..
    Stay strong mi dear... :D
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    Hello joxiexo. You ask 'if anyone has experienced anxiety from being ill and the fear of becoming more ill?' I should think we all have to a greater or lesser extent. Having a chronic disease is a bit unpredictable. There are always more joints to kick in, side-effects from meds etc etc. We naturally become anxious from time to time about what the future holds - even the immediate future if we have something nice planned.

    However, what you are describing isn't, I think, that sort of anxiety but real panic attacks which are messing up your life almost as much as the arthritis.

    I think it might help you to talk to someone in detail about how things are, what meds you are on which are making you feel sick, why the doc doesn't try changing them to something else etc. Why not ring our Helplines and have a good old chat to someone who will listen to all you have to say. Arthritis is enough for one person to cope with. You don't need this on top of it.
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    Hey I'm with sticky on this one you need to get some help please phone the helpline but get back to us and let us know how you get on.
    I hate to see you young ones suffer and with RA there seems to be no end to it at times, Sounds like your mum is really good.
    Take care