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Hi everyone, im trying to stave off the use of steroids. i would like to know, speaking from experience, what everyones best advice for exercise is? what is most helpful? im at a loss, worrying about making myself feel worse although knowing that staying still makes me worse also. im only 24 and i havent exercised in my life (sorry) please help me!! xx


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    Hi toriateacake. Planning ahead is good. You're right about not doing any exercise making stuff worse because you need your muscles in good working order to support your joints and so limit the pain.

    What's best for you, personally is a tough one as I'm not a doctor or physio and I don't even know which of your joints are most affected. I do know that swimming is always recommended as the best form of exercise for arthritis as the joints are supported by the water. Similarly, if you can, cycling. (Build up very gradually though with both. Don't scupper your good intentions by overdoing things from the start.)

    You might start by looking at AC's Publications & Resources (top right). There's a very good one on exercises. I hope it goes well for you. Keep us in the loop.
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    swimming is about the best.. Please consult the gp or specialist first before starting any form of excersise..

    Best of luck with it.. :D
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    I would agree that swimming is the best execrise that you can do as it takes all the weight of the body, I swim at least 2 days a week and really notice the difference if I don't do it.

    The other good exercise is walking.

    But trying to keep yourself moving in general is always good.
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    Hi there

    I am not sure what would suit your needs regarding exercise but I can tell you what I do. I do stretching exercises most mornings which can take quite a time, 15 minutes with the hula hoop, nothing fancy and in the evenings before I start the dinner because otherwise I would not do it, 10 minutes on the exercise bike or there abouts. I always cycle 3.5 km. Sometimes do it in better time than other days. In the day I "fidget" ie pottering about, up and down the stairs, generally not sitting around too much, for too long. I ride my bicycle and walk locally.

    Apparently "fidgeting" is meant to be good for you, so I heard on the radio a couple of days ago. :lol:

    Good luck with your exercising when you find what would suit you best.

    Elna x (I have OA)
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    Hi toriateacake - love the username btw!

    I was always told swimming is the best exercise there is for people with arthritis. I swam for a while but didn't find it helpful and actually, found myself in pain afterwards. If you can find a local hydrotherapy class, it would be a great place to start. Also, it's really important to check with your doctor first before starting any exercise.

    Good luck!