Sorry not been about, constent tiredness! can't stay awake!!

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Hi Guys, Sorry I haven't been around alot, I know it's not just me who's suffering with this low battery feeling and feel tired all the time. Yesterday proved how bad I feel! I decided to have a nap yesterday after doing emails thought I needed a power nap. So dropped off setting my body clock to wake me after 1/2hr. Next thing I remember is phone ringing answered it took call and after hanging up looked over at clock 4.30pm!!! I had slept all day! Bubba hadn't been fed since 8am, felt aweful went and fed him. Thing is after sleeping all day I still felt exhausted!! Got a phone consultation with G.P this afternoon for blood test results. Hope they show a reason for this tiredness. Want to feel better by Monday as I'm going to see Matt Cardle in concert!
I hope some of you who have been feeling the same feel better or a little better as It's not a nice feeling, but if I'm not around for a few days you will understand why now.


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    Hi bubbadog, I'm sorry you're feeling out of sorts. I'm sure Bubba has forgiven you allready.
    I think if we don't give our bodies what they need, ie sleep, they sometimes just take it!
    Hope all goes well with your blood results.
    Have a great time with Matt Cardle. I think he's smashing!
    All the best,
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    Hi Bubbadog,

    I do hope your blood tests provide an answer as to why you're so tired.... although the body fighting the rigours of arther is tiring in itself.. and fatigue is often the bi-product of having inflammation.

    rest when you can!

    iris xx
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    For you to have slept that long you must have needed it,shame you didnt feel the benefit.Mig
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    Hi Amanda.

    I have been very tired too. But after a break from Humira and MTX (due to a chesty cough) I felt quite bright and was fully functioning, especially last week which was half term.Now I am back on Humira I am much more drained.

    Mine is definately med related.

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    Hi Amanda, struggling with same thing myself at the moment, so I empathise. I really hope you enjoy Matt Cardle, I thought he was really good in x factor, great voice.

    All the best with the blood tests.
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    Just a quick update! Spoke with G.P yesterday and the blood's showed that my reading on the bone density was 8.6 and an average woman with Arthritis reading is 4-6 so she said mine for my age is very high. And because of that she has spoken on the phone with the Rhummey I told her about and he is going to get an appointment to see him out to me, and G.P is also writing to him to inform him of my history (that will be a very long letter!). I also told her about my tiredness and feeling drained. And she said unfortunately that is a by product of all Arthritises including Osteoporosis and having a flare up at the moment is proberly making me feel completely drained and tired and prescribed complete rest and sleep when needed! As you my dear friends said! So I've got my twilight box set out and my mongrels series 1 out and going to lie on my settee and watch them and sleep when I need it! Thanks for the messages your all wonderful friends and I don't know where I would be without you and this site. :)
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    Hi bubbadog

    Just sending hugs ((((((((((())))))) and hoping you feel better soon.
    love juliepf x