Guide to the new Work Capability Assessment

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I am not looking forward to the re-assessment later this year, mind you, it is only a few months since they wrote and said, no need for any more medical evidence, sick notes, GP's letters, it will carry on as normal with a £10 Christmas bonus each year.
It is a worrying time for a lot of people who are genuinely sick and disabled, having to go through yet more hoops. Even more annoying when you read about people and families reaping tens of thousands in benefits and laughing at the mere suggestion of working.
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    I think they have lost the plot totally, I have to go for an assessment on Monday. I am already 60 & I collect my pension in September. I filled in a form in December advising that I'm having a joint replacement operation on 9th February . I have been on ESA simce May 2009 so what makes them think I can go back to work. Sense they don't have, these assessments cost money. I agree that money must be saved but asking a 60 year old who walks with a stick and has severe OA if she can go back to work is silly
    If I was able to work I would not have given up a job paying over £30k a year to collect £91.40 a week in benefit !!!!!