Osteoarthritis Of The Hands

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Hi There

I was wondering if there was anyone else who suffers with OA of the hands who has ever tried acupuncture as a form of pain relief. I am willing to give anything a go.

I was also wondering if anyone takes supplements to try and make the pain a little easier to cope with, and if any of them do work. I have just started taking Apple Cider Vinegar tablets, but I have also heard that Rosehip can help as well. I am on Nefopam at the moment, and I am not sure how many supplements is deemed ok to take at one time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Donkey 8)


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    Hello donkey and welcome to the forum :D

    I have PA in the hands, not OA, so can't really comment on what may be effective for your form of arther.... but there are many other forum members who have OA and might be able to offer advice from their own experience.

    I have had acupuncture for bursitis in the hip... and although I was sceptical it did in fact help a great deal; but it was targeting inflammation not joint damage. :wink:

    As to whether supplements work? ... everyone's different and what works for one may not work for the next person and vice versa. Personally? I've not had any benefit from supplements in the past and stick to what's prescribed by my docs.

    Nice to see you posting :D and I'm sure other folks will be along soon to answer your questions

    Iris xx
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    Hello Donkey, it's nice to meet you. The 'supplements' thing keeps coming up. My husband has very mild 'wear and tear' (He doesn't like to call it arthritis as he plays golf and likes to think he's fit :roll: ) in his hip. he takes cod liver oil and glucosamine and he actually is worse if he doesn't. However, for 'proper arthritis' I don't think supplements cut the mustard though they may help a bit and, if they do, why not? (Though it's probably best to tell your GP to ensure they don't work against or unduly enhance anything else.) Quantities? It's so hard to say as they're unregulated. Different brands will suggest different amounts anyway.

    I've had acupuncture twice (Mine's RA but now with added OA). I think the first time helped minimally and the second not at all but, to be honest, if yours is just in one hand, why not go for it? If you don't try you'll never know. Good luck.
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    Hi Donkey,

    I have OA in my hands, pretty much in every finger, but not every joint!

    I tried accupuncture and it didn't work for me and i found it a little painful too! :?

    I take cod liver oil supplements, the high dose, i think 1300mg capsules and i do think they help, also eating oily fish ie mackerel, salmon.

    Doc says i have seronegative arthritis, where the rheumatoid factor doesn't show up in my blood, so i am now being prescribed tablets that they give to people with RA, i can't say it's made any major difference at the moment as im still in pain a lot. I have arthritis in lots of other joints too, but i always thought it was OA! So now im being taken seriously by the docs and getting some better treatment!

    Good luck with finding some pain relief! If all else fails, good old paracetamol may help! :D
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    Hi donkey
    Sorry I havent had acupuncture, but I do have OA in my hands, and I know how painful it can be.
    Like someone else has said I take high does of fish oils, not sure if they are working or not, but it has helped my nails grow, so thats a bonus
    Please let us know what you decide, it will be interesting to hear if it helps