All this is so new and confusing :(

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New Girl alert! :)
I hope this unseasonably springlike morning finds you all well - or as well as can be expected, at least.
Right, so, without slipping into self-indulgence (hopefully) and keeping it as brief as possible (doubtful), this is me.
For about two years up until last October I'd been suffering with crippling pain in my left foot. Some days it was impossible to walk, but even resting it caused agonies. However, I just put it down to having 'a bad foot' (I don't drive so do a lot of walking, so put it down to that). Now, all the while, I was feeling 'sort of' unwell - tired, achy, some days I felt like I was wading through treacle. And tearful, too. I remember saying to my husband, I'd love just one day when I didn't feel lousy. Throughout this time, I'd get bad backs which would leave me incapacitated for days at a time, and my right hip would do the same. But that darn foot would hurt ALL THE TIME.
Eventually, it was the foot pain that drove me to the GP. She said she thought I might need bunion surgery, and referred me on.


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    Hello - and welcome!

    I wasn't sure from your post whether there was some text missing - you said that the doc referred you on but I have a feeling there may be more which hasn't shown up on the screen for some reason...?

    Your feeling of being unwell all the time and the wading through treacle is so familiar to me - and will be to many of us here and hopefully your referral has/will shed a bit more light on what is going on and will mean that you can get some proper help.

    Re the bunion - I can symathise with that. I have a horrible bunion and it is very very painful sometimes. :cry: Just a thought - have you tried rubbing it with anti-inflammatory gel? I use gel on mine regularly and I find that it does help.

    Thinking of you.

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    Apparently some people don't have the crushing tiredness with continual pain, but they do have stuff called energy (whatever that is). I dunno who they are but I know I ain't one of them! Hello, it's nice to meet you and I guess you are wondering if you have an arthritis of some sort, yes? I can't help on the bunion front as I don't have one, but a little more detail about the other stuff that may be troubling you and I possibly could be of use. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I like the reference of 'wading through treacle' - how true that is. That is just how I felt at work. Still do now I'm not at work, but at least I can sit down when I want and shake that treacle off.
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    Hi and welcome from me, I too wade through treacle, and its tough. You have done well to cope this far without meds etc. I am assuming you have been referred to a rheumy??? I hope your appt is soon, and that you get the appropiate treatment to help give you back your va va voom :D
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    Hi Suzy,

    I sorry I been awol but I have been thinking of you flowr and so wish it was easier for you.

    Me.. I feel like someones filled half of me up with concrete :roll: My legs I seem to breaking in for someone else cus they don't seem to be going where or how I want them....

    Sending you a bucket of positive vibes, love, hopes, stamina and fortitude flower as well as a ton of (((((((((( )))))))))) and a reminder the better days do come.

    Best check in a sachet for Izzy as well cus she will be sat there expecting one eh?! Love Cris xxx

    JayAdAstra welcome to you as well and I saw you had done a post so will go and welcome you again :wink: This lot are a good load of folks and be honest sometimes it so helps to be able to say this is happening to me and I need a ((( ))).Cris x

    Suzie sorry the eyes are a lot better but.... as ever.... have turned it into english better now :wink:
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    Hi JayAdAstra ,

    Spot the moron eh?!

    I answered another post on yours... between the duff eyes and brain I get things muddled and I am so sorry.

    You know I have had so much foot trouble over the years and I know they are evil!

    I do genuinely feel like I am stuffed with concrete some days so do understand the treacle thing so well.

    Its good your being referred and in my case all the foot surgery has helped to barring degrees so maybe the op is your best option? The real problem here is the waitiing for an ortho to see you... It takes for ever but maybe its quicker there as i am no sure where you are and here we have the worst hospital in the UK ... proved it on the lists every year....

    I haven't had bunions but I have had half the big toe removed and have plated and pins all over my feet (3 in the right and 5 in the left) Joint in the left foot's toes are all removed and they are fused and it so helped.

    See what they say when they see you and fingers crossed they can help you big time.

    Again sorry about not answering you earlier... i blame the tablets it has nothing to do with age :wink: Nice to meet you and let us know when you go cus we do half decent pocket duties if needed. Cris x