Gabapentin, necks and driving question

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I am now taking 3 x 300mg gabapentin 3 x daily. It does help with the nerve pain and I am able to move more now. My neck and back still hurt, but it is much more tolerable now. ( Cervical spondylosis and disk problems)

I am unable to drive with my neck so limited in movement, as advised by gp. Anyone here with a bad neck still able to drive? I have physio Fri and ortho appt in April. Have I got hope of being able to drive again? I know none of you are docs, and each case is different, but would appreciate expereiences.

Also on this dose of gabapentin, I am slower and dopier than usual :oops: Not sure I would be alert enough to drive anyway. Anyone on this dose and able to drive? Does the dopiness improve or do I need to lower the dose, tolerate the pain to drive??


Again expereinces welcome, as I know we all differ.


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    Suzygirl, it's late and I'm tired and know nothing about gabapentin. If I've understood you correctly, your GP has advised you not to drive? If so, I'd be wary of trying to myself but I did just want to mention mirrors. When I drove I had to use mirrors instead of turning my head. You can get more fixed on than the bogstandard ones.
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    Hi Suzy,

    Hey i spelt it right this time :wink:

    I still drive.... I am fine to do so cus I have a nice easy car, light on the steering and auto as well. I have to use the body to look right if you see what I mean?

    Losing driving is one of my biggest fears..... I do live rural and the nearest bus stop is well over 2 miles or more so it would really sink me if I couldn't so a ((((( ))))) for that bit.

    The gabs I don;t take but I do the pregabs as you know and though sometimes I think i spend half the day high they so help i will forgive them anything..... even the occasional singing tree :lol:

    They are second gen t the gabs and better they say but they can mess with your head.... I am lucky cus when i first hit the high does back along I applisged n advance that I might be a bit 'odd'....

    You remember Gill (Misty Willow)? she said would any one see the difference :lol:

    I so hope the physio will help and flower I know how much necks hurt and so glad you have something that helps. ((((( ))))), love and a cure all draft, half drunk :wink: , as well as another sachet for Izzy.. only this time its a little tin of some seafood specials. Hang in there flower we tend to get used to so much and it does get easier. Cris xx