Update on allergy to Meds

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Hi all Hope you are all well and not suffering too much

My itching HAS GONE went to the rheumy he took me off my omaprazole and in two weeks the rash and the spots and itching has gone. Thankgod .Still got spots in my head though at the base of my neck but I keep touching them and I think that's why they wont clear up. will have to try harder.

Just wanted to share in case anybody has the same thing .

take care everyone.



  • dreamdaisy
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    Woo-hoo! b020.gif I am so pleased for you, you m ust be feeling so much better. Thank you for letting us know, it's always lovely to hear some better news! DD
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    Cris you are a star...I am on omaprazole, and a few months ago I had an awful rash....so now I know there is a possibility its that...so thankyou for sharing it..and I am glad it has cleared up for you.
    Just wondering though what would the alternative be..