I just don't know what to do!!

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Hi everyone,

I just need to vent!!!!

Our finances are tight, my partner has just been made redundant, but has thankfully now found a new job on the same as he was earning before. I have been out of work for the past 8 months, but we now need for me to work financially!!!!

But, im soooo worried about going back to work and not being able to do the physical work!!! I gave up a job as a Teaching Assistant because it was getting too hard and over this winter my arthritis has definitely got worse!!

My mum says i should try and claim DLA, but im not sure if im bad enough yet to qualify! Im in the limbo where im too bad to work but not bad enough to qualify as disabled!!

I can also feel this unspoken pressure from friends and family who don't really understand how much pain im in, to go back to work and help out with the finances!!!!

Ive tried to rack my brains to think of a job i can do, but i can't think of anything where i won't be in pain!!!! It's all so depressing and each day there is more strain on us coping financially and i feel soooo guilty about it!!! :?

Sorry to be so depressing, but im not feeling positive at the moment at all!!!


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    type in dla there is a test you can fill in to see if you will qualify some one will put a link in i do not know how as for what job you can do i not sure i do shop work and in winter found it very hard going but meds are kicking in and feel much better as you are qualified teaching assistant can you not do relief work as teachers do then you will be earning but not set hours might make things easier val
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    Thanks Val!

    What sort of shop work do you do and do you find it hard using your hands all the time!?

    I am going for an interview today at [email protected] for part time work. I thought it might be better than a supermarket! I used to work on the tills at Tescos but in the end my hands were hurting too much using them constantly!!!

    I did the DLA test and the only thing i can hand on heart say is a problem is the walking because im hip starts to hurt and my big toe. But at the moment, although i can manage to do everything for myself, i am in pain, but i can still manage, so i feel like i am in a limpo where i feel working is going to push me over because you still have to come home and do housework, shopping etc and walk my dog!!! Whereas at the moment not working i can cope with all that and take my time and rest when i need to! It's been wonderful!!! But needs must and we need for me to work now :(

    I don't think there is much call for Teaching Assistants as supply work. I think they do that for Nursery nurses, but i would find working in a nursery too difficult because it means getting down on the floor a lot!!

    Anyway, if i get a job today at [email protected] i will just have to see how it goes and if its too hard ill have to leave and get another job doing something else!! I don't know what though!!

    Thanks for your advice :D
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    Hi Emma, sorry to hear of your worries I hope you're succesful with your job hunting,I picked up on what you said about applying for DLA I would defintly apply for it the fact you have had to give up a job because of pain and you are still in pain and you are struggling constantly just remember to put in how you are on your worst days.
    I applied and after appealing after I was turned down the 1st time I was awarded it. I wouldn't have done this if I hadn't taken advice given on this forum.
    Best of luck xx

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