unable to return to job-on ssp but not enough -any help?

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hi everyone, hope you all having a good day! Can anyone help- I have been off work since november with ankolysing spond in back and osteoarthritis + torn cartilege in hip. My wages have dropped to ssp but as i only worked part time only getting £50 per week! i tried to see an OT but she refused to see me as only sees hands from rheumy!! will see orthopedics monday re-hip-possible hip replacement!! joy- am only 42 so unsure what they will do!!! work have replaced me temporarily!! but i honestly don't think i will ever be able to go back- tried to get advice from CAB- all they advised was 'don't resign'- feel like future is hopeless- unsure what to do!! hate not working + know work can't adjust job i was doing!!! any advice welcome!!! :?


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    Hi, I am sorry that you are having this worry, I think Cab are telling you not to resign. let work make the choice...how long have you worked there, is it a big company, do you have a pension...all being that if you have been there a few years, paid into the pension fund you could apply for a early ill health retirement?

    Are you not getting the full ESA allowance? I am sure it is more than £50 a week..

    Hope things work out for you
    Kitty x
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    thanks Kitty, no have only been there 6months before being off sick, no pension, it is a private nursing home so no large company to get advice from. Will contact benefits office to see what next!

    Had no joy with consultant- too young for hip op and he doesnt advise removing torn cartilege either!! so unsure what next!! left me pretty down to be honest- fed up of being told am too young for whats going on!! it doesnt help!!
    so chin up, gloriuos day and i know am better off than some so will grit teeth and try to sort something out!!
    thanks :)
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    I have been off work for almost a month due to joint pain and knee problems and tiredness. Was diagnosed with M.E and osteoarthritis last week (8/3/12) and waiting to see specialist physio and occupational therapist. I know I won't be able to go back to work (pre-school manager but work directly with children) for a while as I vary from day to day with my symptoms and I'm bad at the moment. I had knee surgery to repair cartilage last Nov (2011) but the problem came back in the new year. I now have pain in ALL my joints and feel exhausted all the time. I too am worried as I can't afford to live on SSP and it runs out in 3 months time - then what?? I don't get sick pay from my employer, nor a pension. My boss has been sympathetic and told me to take as much time as I need but has asked what my long-term prognosis is and whether I think I'll be able to do the job or if it would be best to look for something less physical!!! Who would employ someone who doesn't know how they're going to feel from one day to the next? Who takes time off at short notice indefinitely as she doesn't know how long until she feels well enough to work again? Who has a long list of health practitioners she needs to take time out of work to see? I feel so down hearted - I'm fantastic at my job but can see I'm going to lose it :(
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    hi stueysmummy
    thanks for replying, i know just how you feel, I too love my job and am good at it but can't see me returning!! what next? the future is so uncertain, it's hard to be positive when the future looks bleak! I tell myself- " you can see, hear, touch, move (most days anyway!), speak and have someone in the day that cares about me!!! how lucky am I?"
    The secret- take one day at a time' otherwise you will feel worse with the stress and depression! believe me it is hard but i am still here, still kicking (although more gently!) smile-you are alive even though you feel so much pain!!!
    chin up, sending you huge hugs((((***))))
    lots of love xx
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    hi everyone, been a while since i was online, update- I have been dismissed from my job and my SSP ran out last week!! trying to make sense of the ESA form- but it is so confusing- why do they want to know about benefits i was on years ago? and my original morgage lender? anyone got any advice? since i was on last should have had cartilege op but day before they decided i might have angina so surgery a no-go!! waiting now for a ct scan to decide what's going on!!!
    :x so any advice would be welcome!!!
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    Snap :wink: I have AS and OP of the hips,Neck and Spine I have been off work since last July and was on the list for a new hip 2 months prior to that, finally had new hip in Jan and was told I would be up and around like a spring chick come April :shock: :shock: Now into May and I still need 1 crutch with no sign of improvement... my SSP run out in Feb and I was put on ESA with the dreaded ATOS forms ready to fill in, My GP and Consultant have advised me to consider ill health retirement :( not happy with that but I failed my LGV licence last wednesday on (neck) mobility grounds and waiting for a reply from the dvla now.. CAB advised me to sit tight as far as work go and let them push rather than me jumping!! Seems disloyal somehow but I am fast realising the cold hard facts of being disabled and NOT being able to work.. I have heard that if you are below a certain age the surgeons will not operate they messed me about and I am 50!! But at 42 do they think you will suddenly get better and be running marathons next year then :roll: :roll: I hope you get some sort of help from the guys on here I find them all very supportive

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