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hello i have just this week been to see a specialist about the joint pain in my knees feet and hands.but i was wondering as my gp has given me blood tests and has told me they dont show signs of arthritis i am wondering what else it could be as i am really struggling now not just the pain but depression and not been able to sleep as thats when the pain is worse


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    Hi Gizmo

    Osteoarthritis is usually diagnosed by clinical examination, if however they suspect that there is something else going on, they will do blood test to test for inflammatory types of diagnosis.

    If your blood test have returned clear then this may have ruled out inflammatory types of arthritis, however it us worth asking your doctor, if you are not affected by arthritis what is causing the pain you are experiencing. You may also like to ask your doctor for pain management medication to cover the pain you are experiencing.

    Best Wishes

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