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I've had arthritis in both my feet for four years and been having problems with my hips on and off, unable to roll over in bed when trying to sit up to get out of bed and getting dressed, some days I just can't move and spend most of it in bed and lots of pain.
I've had two x-rays on both my hips that showed nothing. should I ask my GP for a dynamic bone scan as I understand this will show up anything that the x-ray didn't find.


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    It may be worth speaking to your GP and asking for an MRI, as they show greater detail. I too have hip pain and back pain and both my x-rays came back normal, eventually after getting an MRI scan it did show degeneration in hips and lower back. This doesn't mean that yours will be the same, hopefully it will confirm the x-rays findings. But I find it really helped me in the fact they did find something and I wasn't imagining the pain. But it could also reassure you in the form of showing you there is nothing wrong or if there is something going on they can deal with it now rather than later. If you can't get MRI get a second opinion.

    stayfocused x
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    Hi Hobbit

    Sorry that you have had to join us but nice to meet you anyway :-)

    Sorry to read about the difficulties you are having and I would suggest asking your doctor for a lhra (full bone scan) as they will show everything from head to toe.

    Look forward to seeing you around the boards

    Pink x
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    Hi Hobbit,

    Someone from the Helplines will be along on Monday. Unfortunately, they're not around over the weekend. Like Stayfocused and Pinkbritishstars, I'm just an ordinary forum member.

    I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. Can your GP change your paindullers? Has he/she recommended any physio?

    AC put out a series of booklets which might help you. Click on the 'Publications and Resources' button (top right).
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    ill second what has been said above.
    an mri scan is taken in slices and will show up any small degenerative change while normal xrays only show a 2d image so can be easily missed.
    ive had a fractured metatarsal bone in my foot for over a month and lots of xrays showed nothing. mri found it straight away.
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    Dear Hobbit,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. If hip problems did not show up, it may be worth asking whether a broader look at things may be advisable. Some hip pains can be referred from the spine. You did not mention what department was investigating your situation, but a musculoskeletal clinic is often a good place to go. If you were still having problems but the initial investigations were not finding things, you'd not have to go back to the GP - the clinic would stay on the case and you'd be able to keep explaining what your experience was.

    If you'd like some of our information, please Private Message us with your name and address or see


    I hope that's helpful

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    Hi Hobbit, my problems started with hip pain but I have had back problems for years since a motorbike accident in my teens, an xray showed uo inflammation of my spine but I am not awaiting resluts from an MRI so Rheumatologist can decide what form of arthur this really is, so yes you need an MRI

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