Disability Living Allowance and Motability

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ive heard lots of talk but not seen any facts yet so does anybody know about the supposed change to DLA and being reassessed.

ive been registered disabled for over 10 years now and also registered partially blind with the local council.
it took me over 6 years to get DLA for life as they would only give me 2 years at a time so i had to reapply.
what i understand is even if you get it for life you will have to have another assesment and depending how good or bad you feel at the time you could be turned down for it this time around and lose your benefits.

now onto motability.
i had a major accident in my 2 year old bmw and had to be cut out by the fire brigade so the car was a right off. i was told at the time that if i was in any other car i would be dead now. this made me go to buy another 3 series bmw. at the time they told me why are you buying the car when you could get it through motability. so i decided to apply and was passed straight away.
what has annoyed me now is motability are cutting out all their top end cars as they say too many people are abusing the system. i paid a deposit of £5000 3 years ago and the maximum deposit now is £2000 so in other words i cant have another 3 series.
i am 6ft 3" tall so think a 1 series bmw will be too small for me.
so what to do next. the car is due to be replaced in november this year.

with all these cutbacks the only people out there that will really suffer is the disabled person.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    It is the same as everything else in the country every charitable organisation is having less money to go around more people, and that is life for us as we know it now and I don't think it is going to change anytime soon. I feel that there should only be a handfull of car types, ie ones for short people ones for tall people. cars to meet the needs of people based on each individual's ability and needs and not as now where the system is based not on a persons needs but on that persons wants. I could say I am willing to pay £6,000 and therefore I should have the car that I want, when my disability means I am less mobile but do not need and adapted car and therefore why should I have a £25grand+ car when motobility could supply cars for three people and get some change. When after all for the life of the contract it will be the same amount of DLA being paid each month. Not forgetting that there is a huge shortfall which has to be met by motobility not from the car manufacturers profits.

    Please let me emphazise that these are my personal veiws on the subject and I am not getting at anyone in this post, pleas feel free to disscuss.
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    Can't advise on DLA or Motabulity really but felt the need to chip in!

    My Step daughter gets DLA and Motability as they have a 4yr old son who is on the Autistic spectrum, they also have a free bus pass and free companion's bus pass! (I dont agree with it all personally as any small child who is perfectly capable of walking to and from school is generally accompanied by a parent/ guardian anyway and able bodied people have to pay.........but thats just my opionion)

    Anyhoo............they have a FORD C-Max via Motability, her other half is the driver at present and he is 6ft 3 :-) maybe an option for you?

    Julia x