An open letter about Arthritis

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Hi guys and gals
ive already posted this letter on another thread of the forum but i think its appropriate here as well as i know what a lot of you young ones are going through when it comes to friends and dealing with arthritis.

i was diagnosed at 21 and im now 48
friends and work colleagues just dont understand what we are going through and slowly they drift off to do their own things as we just cant join in the majority of activitys we used to do as a group anymore.

i know it can be very scary being informed you have this condition at a young age and you just dont know which way to turn.
you are embarrassed to ask adults for advise so you end up bottling it all up inside which is not good. we all need family and friends around us at this stressful time.
you dont want to be left out of the gang just because you are in pain.

i pinched this letter from another forum but it says exactly how most of us feel even though we find it difficult expressing those feelings to others.

you can copy and paste this letter into a word document and show your friends this is how you feel.
if it helps just one or two of your friends understand and they stand by you through this then my job is done.


Open letter to family, friends and work colleagues about Inflammatory Arthritis

One of the hardest things about Arthritis is that nobody knows what it is or how it affects you. This is an open letter to family, friends and work colleagues which tries to explain.

Dear Everyone,

This letter is to help you understand my feelings as I deal with inflammatory arthritis and the changes it brings to my life.

Please go to ... d-friends/

Where you can read the letter in full