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My name is leah and ive been on mtx for 7 months npw and i hate the injections as i have a needle phobia and i wanted to know of i could swap from injections to tablets??
Leah :):!:


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    Hi Leah
    sorry to hear your not getting along with the needles. not sure if i could cope with it either.
    who put you on the injections,your gp or rhumy. they would be the only ones that can really tell you if you could change.
    do you have problems with your stomach or sickness after taking medication as this might be why they put you on the injections first.
    try and see if you could get an appointment with your gp as it would be quicker than a hosp rhumy appt.

    hope they help you out soon
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    Hi Leah. I have been on MTX for 6 years now (since I was 16) and have a massive needle phobia, i have recently also been put onto Humira injections :( However I chose to stay on the injections as I hated the tablets, therefore I fight with my phobia every week, with now 2 injections. If you speak to your consultant tho, they should be able to put you onto the tablets as I often swap between with going on holiday and such. Hope you are coping better :)

    lyndsay x
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    I hated the injections and still do but i told my rhumatologist that i was going to change back to tablets and after some persuading he agreed. But if you can handle it then stick it out because i have found that my joints are stiffer since being back on the MTX tablets
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    Hi, I had the opposite problem I HATED taking the tablets knowing how sick they were going to make me feel. I have just restarted on MTX after having my second baby and asked my rheumatologist if I could swap to the jabs instead and she sorted it right out so I would start there and ask yours. The tablets aren't absorbed as well into your system so you may find you will need to be put on a higher dose or it may not work as well as your injections though. I hope you can get it sorted soon hun
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    I'm thinking about starting on the meth. If I go ahead, I'll use the jabs. Not keen on that but I sometimes have tummy problems and I was told it would go more quickly in to my bloodstream.

    Hope you get sorted out whichever way is best for you.
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    Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with the meth, i have been on it for about 12 months and i take the tablets i hate taking them so spoke to the rhemotologist and they said if i wanted to swap i just had to ask and they would sort it out asap so would recomend speaking to the rheumotologist. Hope this helps and you get it sorted soon xxxx
    loopy lou :)