loss of jobs

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It is so sad that these factories are going to close, and the disabled poeple will lose their jobs.

The government says that access to work will help, but do they know that employers do not have to make the recommended adjustments that access to work recommends to employer. the bigger the employer the less likely they will make the adjustments for disabled employees.



  • valval
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    it is awfull that at this time of high unemployment they will not stand a chance it an easy target again val
  • emsjane
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    I think it's disgraceful!!! I have an, about to be, 16 year old son with autism and learning difficulties, he is always talking about, when i get a job..... I haven't the heart to tell him yet that not only will he struggle big time to find a job suitable to his needs but his benefits are being cut and he will have to survive on very little in the future!! It's a sad state of affairs. All i can see is he will have to stay living with us, his parents, for a long time to come, which im sure eventually even he won't want to do!!!! But what choice will he have!!!!???? :(