Health Surveillance Questionnaire

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Hi, my husband has a very mild form of posaritic arthritis so it just affects a couple of fingers in his left hand (he does take medication to control it). He has recently gone for a new job and they have said that it is dependent upon a health surveillance questionnaire as he may be using tools and they are looking at hand arm vibration syndrome. Obviously he will tell them about his condition but it does not stop him picking up small screws etc or holding tools - has anyone any knowledge of whether you can be rejected because of the condition and HAVS? Thank you for your help.


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    not sure but ask on help they will know and give you a link think they can not discriminate but well they often find ways around it val
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    To the best of my knowledge, under the new Equality Act 2010 it's illegal to question a future employee about their health. I know there are some exceptions, such as the armed forces.

    It may well be possible that this is legal if it's essential for the job. I would advise you to speak to someone about this for proper advice though. A DEA (Disability Employment Advisor) at the Job Centre, or an organisation like Remploy or The Shaw Trust should be able to help.