Bone scan and feeling down

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Not sure where to start... think i just need to off load. been for MOT to do with cancer ( had breast cancer and the secondary 18 mths later)... and now i am being sent for another bone scan(this is due to pain in my right shoulder and shoulder blade which is stopping me sleeping on it)... i am sure it is to do with OA brought on early due to chemo and rads etc... but it is always in the back of your mind... also you are told once you have secondary cancer you are in remission!!! what ever that might be!!! Use to feel like i was a walking time bomb waiting to explored and feel awful saying this but wished i just had oa only..... sorry but i know a lot of people are in awful positions and in a lot of pain. Will feel stupid i a couple of weeks once i have had the tests and told i am clear.. but it is still in the back of my mind when will it come back... Need to give myself a large kick up the ...... and stop feeling sorry for myself.... sorry.


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    Oh Lupin I am sorry things are so bad there for you but just try and remember it is far more likely to be the bones. leaving you a ((((( ))))) and a bucket of hopes. Cris xx
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    Hey Lupin, You know it is more than likely to be the old OA. I can understand your worry and concern though and am sending u huge ((((((x))))))

    Take care hun.xx
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    This isn’t self-pity, Lupin, it’s a very natural. I had breast cancer, without the secondaries, and, for two-three years afterwards, every lump, bump, pain and ache had me thinking it had surfaced again somewhere. It’s only in recent years I’ve started to feel confident about routine mammograms. In your situation I’d feel exactly as you do. I hope you can soon get it over and done with and the right result. I shall be thinking of you.
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    well scan completed today... went shopping with my daughter while waiting the 3 hours... treated myself to primark teeshirts...what a bargain they are.
    So i only have to wait a couple of weeks for the results to come back... i am sure they will be clear. I use to do a lot of sport and did cross country... in one of my races i fell quite badly on my right shoulder causes damage. I had loads of treatment and physio at a rehab army centre. I am guessing age has got the better of me and it makes sense that is why it is playing me up.
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    Dear Lupin,

    I realise that playing the waiting game and dealing with uncertainty is really hard sometimes. If you do feel like a chat you are always welcome to give us a call or drop us a PM.

    take care
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    Thankyou. Have phoned breast nurse who has given me the secretaries number of oncol so i can ring and find out what the results are. Think i need to put my mind at rest.

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