I have got a new job.

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I gave up my job at Xmas. I had been off sick for 3 months. The job was at the wrong height and made my pain so much worse. I actually have a new job. It is for a large charity which actively employs people who have disabilities. I start it soon. The money is much less, but the job looks rewarding. The people seem supportive. Sometimes it is possible to get a new job.


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    well done im scared to give up my job in case i cant get another one that is really good news,Sue
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    I understand that too. Totally. I hope my new job works out. I was too ill to look at jobs until after I finished, I could not even do the phased return properly. I did not want to do my old job badly. I want to do something well. My old job involved lots of carrying of heavy things. I expect I will have lots of challenges to face.
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    well done and good luck
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    Thats great news.Its always so nice to hear some positive news.
    All the best.
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