Shoulder symptoms?

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Can anyone help with a description of what arthritis in the shoulder presents as? P is complaining of pain in her shoulder. I'm an expert at fingers, knees, wrists, hips, jaw etc - but never had to worry about shoulders.

Hopefully I'm just being a paranoid parent, but if it's still bad at 48 hours out we're off to the doc. :-(

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    I’m sorry to hear this might be another area for your little lass, Andy, and I hope not.

    I find it hard to define shoulder pain. I’ve just sat here for several minutes rotating mine, which always hurts, and I still find it hard to describe except that it’s not like a bad bruise, on the surface, but deeper in and, in my case, in several places. (But I’ve had it so long probably at least half of it’s osteo.)

    You’ll probably get more answers if you also post this on LWA but in any case, if I was in your situation, I’d do as you propose and either take her to the doc or ring the rheumatology helpline if it doesn’t ease up in a day or two. I very much hope she’s just banged or twisted it without realising.
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