Is there help? Need advise please

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Hi there! 8)

Im just wondering what help is there out there for people that may need to switch from Full-time employment to Part-time employment,
Im only 24 :oops: but its getting really tough managing Full-time.

Would just like some advise on what you's would do in my position?

Thanks........... Decky


  • valval
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    can not help but becarefull that you are paying intional insurance or pension credits etc will not be paid it found out recently that with all the changes i am not paying and and am going to have to pay some if i am going to get pension sure some one who understands it all will be able to give you advice val
  • traluvie
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    You have occupational health at work?

    You can do a self referral and speak to them, there role is to help and support you in the work place..
  • Decky
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    Hi thanks for the posts...

    Val im paying national insurance since i started working at the age of 16,
    thanks for your concern nice to know there's some people here to support us....

    Traluvie we do have Occ health in the factory just afraid they could say im not fit to work in my currant job which involves lifting alot 8hours a day gets really hard as the day goes on.

    Thanks again for your posts means alot.. :mrgreen: