Brain Fog?

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Hello everyone

As yet still undiagnosed, awaiting blood tests which have been sitting at GP's surgery since yesterday but haven't been looked at yet :roll:

Anyhoo...I have noticed (along with the usual excrutiating back and hip pain and barely usable wrist and thumb, stiff ankles and knees and bizarrely VERY sore boobs :oops: ) that I seem to be losing my mind somewhat. In the latest of a series of embarrassing marble losing I was sitting in costa yesterday with my daughter, and a man walked in who we both know vaguely. My daughter said something to me which I KNOW I heard and responded to, and 2 minutes later I made exactly the same comment to her, to which she looked at me in amazement and said 'Mum, I just said that to you and you answered me'. It is such a bizarre's been going on for a few months now and I even had a hearing test because I thought maybe I wasn't hearing people properly. That came back as fine. People talk to me, I hear them, and then it seems to go out of my head and I end up staring at them stupidly. I have also, on a couple of occasions, been reading a bedtime story to my little one and have been unable to get the words out - they seemed to be all jumbled and I also have difficulty remembering the right word to use...this is very unusual for me as I am a bit of a wordsmith, I write poetry and stories etc and words are my 'thing'.

I haven't even mentioned this to my GP - I get the feeling they think I am imagining the whole thing anyway. First one said I was just menopausal, second one said I had pulled a muscle.

So am I going mad or is this something you can relate to?

Aly x


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    Hey Aly, OOhh! yes I can relate! My brain is like stew and I can forget I've said something to someone and repeat it, or I will go to do something and forget what I was going to do. Or I can open my mouth and totally forget what I was going to say. It's horrible and you feel like a right wally! I asked my G.P about it and she said it's caused by the meds I'm taking being mixed up and it causes that side effect. So great! have to right everthing down that I need to remember. It really helps!!
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    Hi Aly
    Yes I am another that has a foggy brain..I have blamed my age and my meds...but I am not sure...I have notes all round the house, but even that doesn't work.
    You take care xx
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    Hiya Aly

    Yep I too know the feeling. For some reason I keep forgetting peoples names, I mean people I have known for many years. It's very frustrating and yes makes me think I'm losing my marbles a tad.

    I was toying with the idea of getting one of those brain training games as I sometimes wonder if it's because I'm not working so not using my brain an awful lot. I also find concentrating very hard work.

    Fols x
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    I'm only on coco's and diclofenac (soon to change to ibuprofen), omeprazole and the occasional sleeping tablet. I think the fogginess started before I even started the meds. I'm only 46 so can't really blame old age either.

  • purpleunicorn
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    See what I mean? I'm not 46, I'm 43!
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    Hi Aly, this sounds so familiar, brain fade, fybro fog, side effects of medication all add up to a mix up of neurones, that's for sure. I can be talking, then suddenly I am away with the fairies - rather embarrassing at times. Arthur itself seems to have a strange affect, even without medication.
    Many of the drugs ie strong pain dullers etc, can and do mess with your head. I am adding tramadol to my huge list, so there is no hope for me, I will just be in bewildered state, end of. :roll: If I tried Dr what's his name brain training I would be in the minus category.

    No, you are not going mad at all. Leaving hugs. XX Bubbles
  • cinders65
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    I can totally relate to what you are saying. I have Fibromyalgia and OA and do get fibro fog with words mixed up, one of the symptoms of Fibro I'm afraid.
  • valval
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    hi i to have trouble getting the word i want not sure if it the meds lack of sleep or just arther but it happens and drives me mad also i do not always hear things drives me mad went through some hard times at work when would mess up card machine could have sworn checked it and was right but when they cashed up was wrong i partly depresion that causes it good luck and do mention it to gp they need the whole picture val
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    Once I hit 50 I deliberately started doing crossword puzzles and sudoku as I realised my brain was turning to mush. I put it down to age not disease or meds. Mr SW & I watch TV quizzes are are increasingly irritated when we 'know' the answer but can't 'access' it. :roll: Not sure about the story thing though. Never done that.
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    This is very worrying! My brain has been that 'mushy' for some time and I'm still only on Paracethemols when the pain is really bad.
    So I guess meds aren't to blame in my case, maybe just ever decreasing braincells, lol.
    Only today, after visiting my daughter, on returning from her bathroom, I said to her "Nice to see you're finally taking my advice and have started using 'bla-bla'... face soap." She said "Mum - you say that everytime you come out of my bathroom!" :o
    I regularly forget where I've parked the car at the supermarket and am forever hearing- "Weren't you listening? We just said that." :?
    I try not to let it worry me though, as it usually results in laughter and I tend to laugh the most. ( Which worries the kids even more, lol !)

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