Is it worth carrying on working?

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I have probably been a bit naive I changed jobs around 5 years ago.
Around that time it was clear I was going to need surgery on hand wrists maybe elbows.( I may have caused more damage by holding out)
I needed to build up service before I was entitled to sick pay from the employer which built up by 1 month per years service.
I have recently been off sick for a couple of weeks and had a letter saying I am not entitled to pay after the 4th day as 1. my earning were not enough ( I checked that and they seem to be ) and I wasn't paying national insurance!!
My payslip suggests I am opted out which seems to happen if you join the pension scheme.. I work in education (schools).

I am very worried now does this mean I will never be entitled to any state pension, sick pay or benefits? As I dont think work will be an option for too many more years.

I get up struggle to dress and am worn out before I get out of the door (5 days a week).
I think I would be better resigning or going sick as the 5 day week for no benefit is such a slog..Help!


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    Hiya Ruby, Is it the local education authority you work for??
    If it is they should be paying your nat ins and If i were you I would be contacting HR to find out what is happening. Maybe it is time to get an Occy Health assesment too.

    My work ( i work for local authority) have justhad access to work in , after i called them, and have implemented various changes that were suggested. The occy health dept have also been very helpfull. I can only work 15hrs and have various breaks throughout the day. They have been very supportive. I hope yours are too (eventually)

    I hope this helps, although it is just my own experience.

    Maybe post on living with too as more peeps read this.

    Take care hun.xx
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    Thank Clare