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hello i have not been fully diagnosed with arthritis but my doc is pretty sure i have it.anyway i have been working in a job that means spending a lot of time on my feet with long hours around 90 a week and due to this i was thinking of retraining and was wondering were the is the best place to go for advice on this many thanks
p.s i have not been working for a few years so that is not the reason for my pain haha


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    Hi Gizmo,

    I am having the same problem at the moment! I gave up working as a teaching assistant as it was becoming too hard and ive had a bad winter with my arthritis! I am just coming out the other side as the weather is improving. I need to get a job financially, but i am having trouble thinking of a job i could do as the arthritis affects my hands, hips, neck, one knee, ankles and toes!!! Also, if i overdo it, my elbows start to hurt too.

    Although i am coping quite well just being at home, i am now very aware the enormous jump it is to going back to working!! I am very worried it will put too much pressure on my already painful joints and make me in so much pain i will have to give the job up!

    The only two jobs ive come up with so far are working part-time firstly at maybe a receptionist, like at a dentists or doctors or being a school escort, sitting in a mini bus with the kids, usually special needs, picking them up from their homes and taking them to their classrooms when we arrive at school.

    Other than that i can't think of a job i could manage to do without being in too much pain! Let me know if you come up with anything!!! :D