Daughter can't cope

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Hi Folks,
Well I never thought I'd be posting on this forum but I need some advice for my daughter.
She has been struggling for a while now with work.
She's a postie and has been for 17 years.
She does 2 hours sorting and then 7 hours delivering 6 days a week.
For the last couple of months a partimer has been doing her sorting and she has given him the money from her pay. Her work were quite happy about this.
Now she is considering going part time but she has a morgage to pay and can't really afford to.
I am worried as this is my lively sporty girl of 36 who has suddenly found herself with AS and possibly OA who is permenantly shattered and in a great deal of pain.
I'm so worried and don't know how she can carry on as she is.
Has anyone any idea if she could get any help from anywhere.
I don't know who she can ask and as you've always been a fantastic help to me I thought maybe some-one might know.
Stress is not helping either of us as you will be aware.
Thanks for reading.........May


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    I am sorry to hear that your Daughter is suffering so much. Has she discussed things with her manager..her employers have a duty of care to offer her reasonable adjustments if they employ more than 15 people..is she in a union? They could tell her what her employer can offer disabled people...it could be that a more suitable job could be found that puts less pressure on her and her illness.

    Write a list of what her difficulties are, what solution you can think of that would help her and then find out if it is suitable in her work place...if the delivering is getting too much for her, could she use a mobility scooter? could she cope if she could deliver from a car/van..when she has to sort the post...does she need a supportive chair?

    I thought of what was making life difficult, what would make life easier and then approached my employer...good luck and I hope your daughter finds a solution that keeps her in work, keeps her house and brings her some peace of mind
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    Hi May
    sorry to hear about your daughters struggles.
    kitty has posted some good advise above.
    also is your daughter seeing a rhumatologist. asking them about a change of meds or even the possibility of maybe anti-tnf treatment if things get any worse. what meds is she on at the moment. this great community will be able to advise on what works for them which might give some ideas.
    good luck
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    Thanks for the advice. I think the first step would probably be the union.
    She just got the AS confirmed on Friday by her rheumy. She has been given different meds....don't know what. I'm just hoping that at least they help as up to now she's only been taking Diclofenic and paracetamol.
    Her managers are well aware she is in pain and there is a perching stool for her but its not that easy as she has to reach up to put some of the mail in pigeon holes.
    Posties go out in pairs now in a van. Then they split up and have trolleys to push the mail each going a seperate way.
    Oh...no way would she consider a scooter.....but I will mention it and see what she says.
    Thank you again for your input. I really do appreciate you taking time to answer. May
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    Hi May. I can't help at all, I'm afraid but I just wanted to say I hope your daughter can sort something out. Hopefully, the new meds will kick in and help. If not, I hope her employer helps. It's a worrying time for both of you. Take care.

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