My Son has to go see the rhematology

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Do you have any idea's on what would keep my son's bones Cracking ?? What happens is he just stands up and its starts my concern was that it had happened in ribs & i though that's just not right .

I was diagnosed at age 12 J.C.A and have had it since im now 48 and have all sorts of problem's because of this .
But with my son begin a 22" year old boy it wasn't that bad at first but now its just out of control.

I took him to the doctors and she sent off bloods they all came back clear (good) but she is now sending him to the rheumatolgy so either she just not sure what it is or she's just begin cautious any info would be great thanks. Lorraine


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    HI Lorraine,

    At the moment without more information it is impossible for us to say what is going on regarding your sons joints. Whatever it is the good news is that it is being investigated by the right people. If you or he would like to discuss it in further detail please feel free to give us a call. In the meantime you/he may find it useful to read our self-management booklets:

    Best Wishes


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