Impersonating people

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Who's Cathy Newman? Currently I barely have the energy to be me let alone trying to be someone else. DD


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    I would like to impersonate myself about thirty years ago when i was fit and healthy and all my children were young. Mig
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    Hey Tod i do a great duck
    " listen "

    Quack Quack
    Good hey

    I do a good michal cane but must add i do not dabble in any way shape or form in explosives i never stole from a bank and i have no gold, i must stress that i will not harm you in any way and that this is simply for humour on this forum. if you dont like my sense of humour or dont like me or my posts thats ok with me, but you do have the choice of not reading my stuff.

    I dident tell you to blow the bloody doors off
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    Hey Mate that RDX is more powerfull than TNT its real name is a mouthful but we called it T4, hang on ill look up its real name cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine now thats a mouthful I used it in the 70s and 80s along with PE (plastic) Yep that stuff will take a safe door off and sort out the quarry as well. It was widely used for creating Helipads in the jungle and other stuff but

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    My OH impersonates 'Alan Partridage' he is a big fan! We both like to just come out saying something in our fav caracters voices spontainiously. We're mad in our household!!