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Del, may I be the first but, I'm sure not the last, to beg you to stay. I don't want a homogenised forum. I want variety and characters. It was bland between Christmas and March. I, for one, value your input. Please don't go.


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    Earlier I read the title and tried to read the thread but the machine just would not let me so I concluded there was some activity going on. I guess Del is leaving us, yes? It could be he removed his original post, just leaving your answer. DD
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    I am really hoping that you will decide to come back matey, there are many of us that value your input..

    You know how to find me :D
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    Dont go please.Mig
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    Hope I've misunderstood , don't leave us , Del , a forum is meant to consist of differing views which can be discussed and debated not 2 or 3 people talking about the weather . Jillyb
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    Sadly, all Del's posts have been removed, which could have been at his own request and I can't find him on the members list. :(

    What has been going on??????

    If you do look in Del, I shall miss your posts and I hope your meds take effect soon and wish you well with the building works at home.

    Take care,
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    well said Len :)
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    Will miss Del. I don't post often but always read Del's posts.
    take care Del.
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    Well Said Len he is a very nice guy and i love his sense of humour he like you has been here a long long time Most people except you both as part of the forum. sort of fixtures and fittings. I do hope he rethinks.
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    del i am not sure what has gone on but i for one will miss you a lot val
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    I shall miss ya quirkiness , Take care.
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    Del even I've come back on to say stay on here!.
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    WHAT THE F***! I didn't know Del was leaving!! Oh I'm so sad, he was so funny and I had such a laugh with him! He did leave me a message and for some reason it had deleted on it so couldn't read it.
    If you do pop back in Del PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE come back Del you brightened up AC and I will miss our funny banter!
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    i will miss you as will so many other forum friends on here
    please take care.
    joan xx