Strontium Ranelate in the news today

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Hi Eeveryone
The hot osteoarthritis news today is all about strontium ranelate. Check it out on the News section of our home page.
Our new chief executive Judith Brodie has been quoted in the Daily Express, Telegraph and the Scottish Herald and we have had a radio interview with BBC radio Oxford.
This is the first real structure modifier - meaning it looks like it will help repair the bone in the joint and delay the wearing away of the cartilage.
This treatment still needs to go through license for OA and it may be 18 months before it is available on prescription. It will not be suitable for everyone.
Don't sit around waiting for it - keep moving , keep healthy and look after those creaky joints because no matter what this treatment may do for your bones you still need happy and healthy muscles to support them.
We have some patient info about the current availability for osteoporosis and that will tell you the side effects and how it is taken etc. So contact us free on 0808 800 4050 or email us on [email protected]
Lovely to have something positive to tell you all - especially in budget week
Head of Information and Helplines


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    Thankyou Jo,
    It's good to have some positive news I agree, hopefully it will greatly benefit those with OA and stop any further damage being done.
  • aicha
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    Thank you Jo :D:D

    Too late for me I think, tis only musle holding me together now. :?

    But thanks so much for posting this, it really is positive and good news for those who have maybe felt nothing much is happening for OA sufferers. So pleased to hear that maybe one day OA can hopefully be at least halted a tad and possibly delay those scary ops for those who are just starting their OA journey.
    Many thanks
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    Thanks Jo :D Bit of hope at last for others cus I wont get it almost certainly too late :lol:

    I so hope it will be generally given in the early stages and well you never know they might...

    hey going to ask... sheep are running a book if you want a bet.... good odds on getting it sort of 1000/1... well they are sheep :wink:

    Seriously though its good news and well over due! Cris x

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