What is a BHR please?

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Hi Helpline team

Sorry if this is a silly question, but what is a BHR please and how does it differ from a THR? I have only just heard the term BHR recently.
I made a tentative enquiry when it was mentioned on a thread on LWA but being a new name on the forum where everyone seems to know each other it has clearly been overlooked.
I have OA in both hips and now also in my knees, particularly my right knee and am not sure which will need replacing first!. I have seen my Consultant recently and patient choice is all well and good but do you know in terms of recovery which would be best to have done first? He is leaving it up to me but though the hip is worse the knee is more painful.
Any advise helpful thanks.


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    Can't help with the question, but I, too wondered what it was.
    HR stands for Hip replacement but not sure what the B stands for.

    Right, just Googled it and it is Birmingham Hip Replacement. Any wiser? No, I'm not either :?
    Something about metal to metal, but not read up on the procedures as my main problem is my spine, and they don't replace them.
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    A BHR is a Birmingham hip replacement. It's a re-surfacing of the bones rather than a THR which is a total hip replacement.

    In the BHR they do not remove the 'ball' bit of the leg bone they just cover it with the device, this leaves the ball and bone just in case a THR is ever needed.

    The BHR is what they call a MOM which is metal on metal,both componants made of metal. They can be made of ceramic or polysomething or other or even a metal ball and a poly cup (socket). There are some doubts about the MOM implants but it is very rare for the BHR to fail, some other resurfacing devices have failed resulting in a revision operation. If you do have the BHR may I suggest you have a very experienced surgeon as the device placings are very important.
    Your consultant should talk over the options and pros and cons with you before you decide. Don't be afraid to ask him questions, it's a major op and you have to be comfy with it.

    Good luck
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    aicha wrote:
    I made a tentative enquiry when it was mentioned on a thread on LWA but being a new name on the forum where everyone seems to know each other it has clearly been overlooked.

    Hello aicha. I'm sure the Helplines will get back to you on Monday. Meanwhile I think daylily has given a very comprehensive reply and certainly enlightened me as I, too, had never heard of a BHR.

    I just wanted to say I'm sure the reason no-one answered your enquiry on Folara's thread on LWA was nothing to do with you being 'a new name on the forum where everyone seems to know each other' and everything to do with no-one else knowing the answer either :roll:

    Usually, though not always, people introduce themselves when they first join and that gives us all an opportunity to register a 'new name' and I think most people do find us very welcoming. However, when people just jump in and post something - which they have every right to do and which, in fact, I did myself - it's not quite so easy for everyone to recognise that this person is a newbie and it would be a good idea to acknowledge him/her. I hope you'll have better luck with us next time you post.

    P.S. I've just been on LWA and I see SusieG has a thread '? weeks post BHR' in which she says it stands for Birmingham Hip Re-Surfacing. Hope this helps.
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    Dear Aicha,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Arthritis Care. I'm attaching links to information about knee and hip surgery.


    It can be quite difficult to decide what the priorities are and it's often helpful to discuss the situation with people who are medically qualified to help you make an informed choice. Key people tend to be physiotherapists (particularly as they get to know you and what you've been doing in terms of self management) and the GP.

    The technicalities of what particular type of surgery to have on the hip is really not something that we are the right people to come to. Surgeons tend to be the only people who know the ins and outs of surgery. However we do have some articles that you are welcome to see about this - just email Helplines@arthritiscare.org.uk with your name and address (put BHR etc as the title so we know what you'd like us to send you).

    I hope that is helpful

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    Many thanks for the replies here, nice to meet you all. :D

    Hi Pollysid, yes the HR in BHR fooled me too since I thought the R was replacement not revision, but I live and learn. You have my sympathy.

    daylily thanks for the useful and well explained summary, once I knew it was revision I realised I did know what it was after all, :roll: but sadly I don't think it is an option for me now. Though I may need rebuilding bit by bit!

    Hi stickywicket, Thanks for the advise, I guess I hoped Folara would see my question as she said her BHR had been a success but I know people don't always have time to go back to threads. I was just curious as to what it was and at least a few of us have learned something so it isn't a problem.

    Guy many thanks the links are useful thank you and I will try and get more time with my Consultant when I see him next. He is usually running four hours late! so I always hestitate to have too many questions :oops: but he is at least very approachabe which I gather isn't always the case. Many thanks also to Penn at Helplines who was kind enough to welcome me with a private message and respond to my hello post in the newby bit some time ago and gave me the courage to keep looking in.

    Thanks again everyone.