Hmm, so, this is new and not altogether fun...

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Hello lovelies, hope you're all enjoying this glorious weather :D
Well, I'm new here and am very glad to make your acquaintance - though I wish it could've been in happier circumstances... I've been reading your posts for a while and this seems like such a friendly community, but all the same I wish I hadn't had to come looking for you, no offence intended!
My story, in brief, then: After years of pain in my hip, back but primarily left foot, I've recently been diagnosed with 'inflammatory polyarthritis'. To me this sounds a bit vague (has anyone else had this diagnosis?), but my rheumy was reluctant to give a diagnosis of RA as my bloods didn't confirm it and my pain wasn't symmetrical (although since my diagnosis a few short weeks ago, the pain has started in my right foot too). I've had morning stiffness which can last all day, and ALWAYS returns if I sit/rest for even a few moments, for a couple of years, and t he sort of fatigue which knocks you out at a moment's notice and can put me out of action for the rest of the day.
A scan and an MRI confirmed that the midfoot joint in my left foot was inflamed and there was loss of bony definition there, and I have achilles tendonitis in my right ankle too. I used to walk miles every week - I lost 10 stone a decade ago and kept it off by eating well and going on megawalks several times a week, but they are now a thing of the past and the weight is creeping back :(
I'm on MTX - my dose went up to 20mg yesterday, and I'm feeling it today. I also take Naproxen and folic acid.
This has come as a bolt from the blue. I went to my GP last October with a 'bad foot' (didn't think to link it with all the other symptoms - fatigue, back/hip pain, stiffness etc, just thought it was me getting older. I'm only 39, though!). Just a few months later I'm coming to terms with having a disease which has changed my life immeasurably already.
I'm sorry to moan, and I know a lot of people have worse things to deal with. I feel selfish for feeling so rotten and annoyed, and yups, depressed about it. But I can't help it. I try to put a brave face on it but it's hard sometimes - like last night, when the pain in my foot was so bad I was sick.
I have a wonderful husband who is so supportive and kind and an amazing daughter, so I'm very lucky and shouldn't complain. But sometimes, it gets me down soooo much.


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    Oops, sorry, ended rather abruptly there... and on such a cheery note :lol:
    I'm not usually the miserable sort so I do apologise for starting on such a downer. I'm so grateful to have found a community who understands what living with arthritis is REALLY like - someone I know (who has PA) hit the nail on the head when she said to me 'people don't realise how evil arthritis is until they suffer from it'. I think a lot of people just think, oh, creaky joints, that's all arthritis is. Until they, or someone close to them, gets it.
    Anyway, that's me for now.
    Lovely to meet you all xxx
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    Hello Proserpine, it's lovely to meet you and yes, I too am sad that you have had to find us. Believe you me this malarkey gets us all down from time to time, no matter how seasoned a veteran one may be. It is far from fun living with continual discomfort/pain, it is not nice to have one's activities limited due to pain and tiredness and it is foul to realise that life as you knew it has gone forever BUT sometimes the right medication can make all the difference and let's hope the meth begins to have that effect soon, yes?

    Diagnosing a specific inflammatory arthritis can take some time, for many moons I was classed as an inflammatory arthritic and when the correct label was finally attached it changed nothing as such but it was good to have a 'proper' name (which is PsA, psoriatic arthritis). My hospital notes still say RA tho I don't know why. :roll: I was never given that label! :) Anyhoo, I am glad that you have joined our arthritic gang and I hope the forum can offer you help, support and information. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi and welcome from me. I was given an initial diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis, which has now emerged into lupus and sjorgens with inflammatory arthritis as well. (??) It does take a while to get a confirmed diagnosis as bloods can be tricky.

    It does take time to adjust and we need to grieve for our losses. I have had it for 5 years now and I am 40. You sound like a very proactive determined person, so I ma sure you will beat this, as you have conquered other challeneges.

    It is good to have support from our families and on the forum where people understand just what a daily grind it all is.

    I hope the increase in meth does the trick for you.

    Take care
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    Hiya from me too, I have also been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis for the same reasons as you, the bloods being normal etc. Mine affects both wrists, hands and fingers and a scan showed mild OA in my feet. Just started meth a couple of weeks ago so still on 10mg.
    i cantotally understand the out of the blue thing because mine started as a painful right wrist last july and just went on from there.
    It's blooming awful at times but this place is fantastic, the people here are always ready and willing to help and give hugs.
    Also I am 38 so feel like this has all happened a lot younger that I thought.
    Anyway Hi and welcome from me, hope you feel as at home here as I do.
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    Hi Proserpine,
    Your story sounds like just mine! It all started with what I thought was a sprained ankle, then I had a dodgy knee and it all went downhill from there. I've had various names thrown at my condition (including polyarthritis) but the consultant seems to have settled on rheumatoid arthritis now, even though my bloods didn't suggest that.

    You're very lucky to have a supportive husband and daughter. But even though we can be surrounded with support, arthritis can still be a very lonely disease. I'm never convinced that my boyfriend and family actually really do understand quite how painful and tiring this disease can be. So feel free to complain away, no need to apologise! No-one on here will mind, its what we're here for :-)
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    Hi Proserpine.. looks like we found this forum just as we needed it and at the same time.. I know what you mean about walking, it was one of my few pleasures, now it takes me all my time to walk to the end of the road before I start hurting!
    Hope your doing ok.
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    Hi and welcome from me too.. And you too Izzie..
    Hope that things aren't so bad today and you've got the lovely sunshine where you are.

    Take it easy, keep posting, we're a friendly bunch...

    Best wishes from me and Ra aka The Great White Dope :D
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    Hi Proserpine,

    Welcome to AC forum.
    Interesting user name, just wondering if you are named after the town in Queensland, Australia.

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    Hello again Proserpine, how are you feeling today? DD
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    Hello again, I hope all is as well as it can be. DD
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    Ditto the last two messages! DD
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    Welcome to the forum, I am not on that often but it is a great place to find advice and support. I was the same as you when I first got diagnosed with arthritis now RA and it is very scary and you go thru low, angry, painfull periods that you think will never end but when you get the right meds and are on track most of the time you can sometimes forget you have it. Good luck and I hope the good times outweigh the bad ones. I used to love walking in the summer evenings with hubby but my sore ankle has hampered me walking without pain and sometimes crutches but starting new meds so gonna be positive and hope they kick this RA in the butt and give me a break :D