Any extra help available?

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Hi, I'm not sure whether I'm posting in the right place but here goes anyway...
My husband was made redundant last summer. He has always worked and I've been a stay-at-home mum for 14 years. He hasn't been able to find anything else, despite spending hours every day searching/applying/going to interviews. He claims JSA for himself and me (topped up with child tax credits for our daughter). He has a DEA at the Jobcentre as he has health issues himself which limit the sort of work he is able to do, making finding a new job even harder. I was diagnosed with inflammatory polyarthritis a couple of months ago but I've had symptoms for years.
Money is incredibly tight, as you can imagine, to say nothing of the stress (so much for avoiding stressful situations/getting plenty of sleep!).
Neither of us had ever claimed benefits before last summer so it was all a bit confusing to say the least, and finding about any extra help available now I have been diagnosed is even more so. I don't even know where to start. Added to that, I feel horrible asking.
The help I *really* need is with regards to getting around. In fact, as yet that's the only help I need I think. My arthritis is primarily in my feet and the pain can often be excruciating, but there's also the fatigue which makes even the shortest errands feel like running a marathon. Neither me nor my husband drive so I have to carry shopping home every day, regardless of pain. My husband helps often but isn't always able. And of course, I'm limited in just getting out and about for leisure stuff, although I accept that's non essential. And I mean just getting to the library/shops etc occasionally.
I can't afford public transport and I don't have any friends/relatives able to help. Internet shopping's out too, unfortunately - the only internet access I have is at the library at the moment.
So, does anyone know if there's any help available re getting around? Or anything I can claim to that end?
Sorry for being all doom'n'gloom - I'm usually quite cheery, honest :lol:
Thank you xxx


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    Hiya, i am only speaking from what i think is right, and ibelieve you could claim dla and if you are unable to work due to sickness then esa.
    the gov site is quite helpful, it could be useful so maybe have a look.
    Your local CAB may also be able to advise you

    All the best for the future.xx
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    Hi Proserpine. I've only just seen this and I'm not too well up on these things but I think if you were to either post on the Helplines forum, or give them a ring on their freephone number (top right of page) they might be able to point you in the right direction. I do hope so. Take care.
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