HELP PLEASE - what do I tell my employer....??

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Having recently been diagnosed with bi-lateral OA in my knees and undergoing quite extensive "repair" surgery... I am now in limbo... my consultant said I 'WILL' need replacements in the near future - when the excrutiating pain returns, but to try and carry on for as long as possible.

I was off work for 12 weeks and have now returned to work although stuggling with a crutch around the office.. :?

Work have been good - although I am worried about the 'future' the dreaded F word - lol.....

I think work believe my knees will fully recover and as yet I haven't told them that bi-lateral knee replacements are a 'large probability' in the near future, and a further long spell of time off work will probably be needed....

Do I tell them the whole story, or just go with the flow & wait and see what happens....???

What would you do...?? I don't want to jepodise my job, but again am torn that I should tell the truth... HELP...
hugs freesia xxx


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    Hi Freesia

    I'm in kind of a smiliar position............I've got Grade 4 OA in my left knee........the other is showing symptoms but we havent investigated that one yet! ;-)

    I've had 3 arthroscopies in the past 2yrs (also had lateral ligament release back in 1995) all to no avail. The pain just keeps on at me. I'm off to see my consultant again on 29th March :-(

    I've taken the view that honesty is the best policy as i only had 2 weeks off with the first and 2nd Ops. It was a bit longer with the 3rd as i initially waited for NHS care, but gave up after 12 weeks and went private (funded through work)!

    My employers are beginning to realise that this time a TKR is on the cards and are making arrangements for me to do at least some work from home.

    I guess its a judgement call, but your employers may have an Occ Health service it uses (via HR Dept) they could refer you to, and they will get an assessment on your future capabilities.

    Best of luck

    JUlia x
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    Thanks Julia...

    and good luck tommorrow with your appointment...

    Thinking of you xx
    hugs freesia xxx
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    It is a tricky one, on the one hand you don't want them to start panicking about it now, especially as you don't know exactly when it'll be. But on the other hand you don't want to be seen as keeping stuff back from them.

    If I were you I'd seek advice about this from an organisation like Remploy or The Shaw Trust. They can help you discuss the pros and cons of each potential decision. You could also try a DEA (Disability Employment Advisor) at the Job Centre as well (you don't have to be unemployed to get advice from them).

    I think I'd probably wait a bit if it were me, and once I knew when it would be I would then let them know. But obviously you know your employer best. That would probably have been the right tactic with some employers I've had, but others wouldn't have been overly fussed about it so I'd feel happy to say in advance to them.

    Good luck making your decision, I hope you can find a workable solution for yourself.