Newbie! Has anyone else had elbow replacements?

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Hi there,

I'm new to this... I was dianosed with RA aged 10 and am now 23 which I have in every joint except my right ankle (Random!). Since the day I was diagnosed, discovering when I had my first blood test it was realised my arms don't straighten. This has got worse over the years that now they are completely fixed in a 90 degree angle - I have no movement, my arms are extremely painful and basically useless as have no strengh.

I have had 3 operations on them which includes removals of bone and clear out of joints but the disease is so agressive this didnt help. My surgeons have said its now time for full elbow replacements. My elbows have been custom made in America to fit my small bones and arrive shortly.

Has anyone else had elbow replacements or anything similar that could let me know what to expect with pain? mobility? outcome?

I am having my first elbow replaced on May 17th then second elbow replaced on July 3rd at the royal national orthopaedic hospital in Stanmore London.

Any information anyone has would be great.

Thanks :D


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    Hi there,

    cant help you I'm afraid as I havent had this procedure but if you post this question on the Living with Arthritis Forum I'm sure someone will come forward for you.

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    I was diagnosed at 15 months and am now 25. I have severe problems with my elbows and they both won't straighten out. I was told a few years ago that my only real option was an elbow replacement but as my elbows have been like it for so long, there is a possibility that my tendons etc have tightened so I don't know how this would be resolved. Unfortunately I can't offer you any advice as I haven't gone down the route of getting it done but would love to hear how it goes. Good luck and take care!