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hi i'm 30 years old and have now found that i have lumbar spondilosis. and have a lot of pain all up the spine and weakness down my legs.i have try on a number time to get bk to my job.but my docs say im not suppost to do my roll in the enployer also makes it hard as they havent got anything for me,like for e.g office type work,but they jest make me feel that they r calling me dumb or a lying lazy ****.i don't know what to do is there anyone in a simalair problem? or any help to what type of work i should b looking for?
I would really love some advice if it's out there,please :cry:
also do anyone know if i can claim anything to help me lose my weight as doc adviced but i can't afored it.


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    Hello Gavin, I apologise for the late reply but I have only just spotted your post: I don't often look in on here as I am self-employed and so have a wonderfully understanding boss!

    I have two forms of arthritis neither of which is the one affecting you. Firstly I am so sorry you have had such a diagnosis and I do understand about the pain and weakness thing. Secondly, it may be worth ringing the Helpline here (the number is at the top of every page and it is a free call) as they have a wealth of information (in the form of leaflets) which they can send to you, then you could then pass them on to your employers so that they can begin to learn about exactly what is going on with you. Many people mis-understand arthritis (in all its forms) simply because they don't know about in so informing them is one way to help them - and you.

    Thirdly, I don't think you need to try anything fancy to lose weight. I don't know your situation (obviously) but I am managing to lose a little at a time by eating less and eating better. There is currently a Healthy Eating thread on another part of this forum, the Living With Arthritis one, so please feel free to jump in on that one - all comments are welcome! Losing weight will not 'cure' all the pain, but it will help you to move around more easily, thus getting those leg muscles a little more toned and that may well help the 'weakness' feeling. Right, it's time for a cuppa! It's been lovely 'meeting' you and I look forward to seeing your name on the other parts of the forum. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben