Crutch and walking stick handles..... help....!!

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Tips required please... :?:

I'm still using crutches and walking sticks, and with the warmer weather coming up - i'm starting to get really hot / sticky & sweaty palms...

Any suggestions for making the handles safer and more gripable - it was ok in the winter as I wore leather gloves.... But that is looking odd now..

Help please...

Many thanks...


  • stickywicket
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    I’ve never been able to ‘do’ sticks or crutches, freesia, but, in your situation, I’d be thinking in terms of sliding a bit of tubular bandage (or some such) over the stick & crutch handles.
  • MrDJ
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    i have a thin layer of sponge rapped around and then covered with micropore tape which absorbs sweat. it does get tacky the hotter it gets but i just put another layer on.
  • coco67
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    self grip bandage. its not got any sticky stuff on but still grips to its sell, if you get it from a chemist it is usually blue and a couple of pound (pound shops sometimes have it) if you want to splash out then pets at home sell it for about 4 pound but you get a choice of colours. its great stuff for all sorts of things, i even used it to cover the cast on my arm to change the colour and stop it feeling so rough. no sticky stuff no pins and ease to change/remove.

    worth looking at
  • Folara
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    I've got tennis racket tape on my handles. They are slightly padded, good grip and I don't get really sweaty hands with it. I got mine from a little sports shop.

    Fols x
  • freesia
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    Thanks peeps....

    Some really good tips there.... MANY THANKS......

    freesia xx :D

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