Hay Fever Tip

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I was going to post this on the current bees thread but thought it might get 'lost' so here it is: if you are affected by hayfever you can ameliorate a fair few of the symptoms by eating a teaspoon of LOCAL honey every day, even twice a day, during the sniffly season. It worked for me before the immuno-suppressants got to work and I hope it does for you if you are a sufferer. DD


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    Hi DD
    I have heard of this before, but wasnt sure if it worked or not...someone once said it had to be local honey...must say my Grandma was a big believer in honey for all sorts of ailments....and she lived to be 98...
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    I’ve heard this before too. However, my own sneezy needs are now controlled by my steroid nasal spray. I seem to remember, DD, you once posted that, when they were conducting the necessary research for these nasal sprays, you had generously, and sometimes painfully, provided some of the vital snot. I never did thank you but I assure you that I, and all around me, are grateful for your snotty donations.
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    Our son had hay fever as a child Our doctor recommended we got Pollen cappings from a local bee keeper
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    well my hay feever is playing up but it the tiching all over that driving me mad do get it from time to time but this year it driving me to scratch even though i know that not the answer????? any tips it from scalp to toes
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    I used to keep bees many years ago. We all used the honey in tea or hot orange drink and never got colds for the whole time we had them. The reason local honey works for hayfever is that you become less sensitive to the local pollen which the local bees use to make the honey.
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    How lovely to have kept bees, applerose, they are wonderful creatures. I knew there was a reason why it had to be honey from the locality but I couldn't remember it! Thank you for the explanation.

    Right valval, I think you might need a trip to your local pharmacy to have a chat with the dispenser. That sounds like in intolerant reaction to something and they may be able to suggest a remedy. DD